Download your Mission: CPR resources

CPR Training

To make it really easy to take part in Mission: CPR, we’ve created some helpful resources. 

They'll also help to get pupils interested and excited to take part. 

Getting mission ready

Use this rough and ready guide to making your CPR training a success. Download the Mission checklist.

Mission checklist

Motivational ideas

We've got three ideas to build understanding about the day and get your school excited to take part.

Assembly plan            CPR flash mob   CPR Champions pack

Mission: CPR assembly plan   Mission CPR flash mob   Mission CPR Champions Pack

Getting support from your community

Download these standard text message, Facebook post, tweets in the build up to your CPR training.

Mission: CPR social media


Download and print a Mission: CPR poster to promote the training around your school.

Mission poster 2017

Celebrating success

Mark your pupils’ with this printable certificate.

Mission certificate

Download the school plaque and place this in your school entrance so visitors know they’re in safe hands.

Mission plaque

Cut and paste this article into your school newsletter to share your achievement with your community.

Mission news

Videos to inspire your class

Watch how Fabrice Muamba joins the nation of life savers.

Inspire your students with more CPR heroes stories.

Did you know?

Today, if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one in ten chance of surviving. In places such as Norway where CPR is more widely taught it is as high as four in ten.