CPR training resources for communities

Thank you for running a CPR training event in your community.

Now that you have your kit, below is everything you need to run life saving CPR training. Choose the resources relevant to your session from our list below.

 1. Posters and advertising

Download our editable ‘Learn life saving CPR skills’ posters to advertise your CPR training event in your community.

 CPR poster for Scotland

Display our ‘CPR in the community’ posters and ads to generate interest and get people to sign up in your local community.


2. Videos 

  • You will have been sent a DVD with the training videos in your CPR kit, which you can also access via our CPR training videos page.
  • Below are motivational videos that you could use on the day, to demonstrate to your community why CPR is an important skill to have:

Ghayan talks about how he performed CPR on his son Jadyn, who had a cardiac arrest when he was just six years old.


Michael was best man on a stag do when the father of the bride had a cardiac arrest. Here, he talks about performing CPR.

3. Supporting resources 

  • Our wall of life savers image poster is a great way to showcase who can help with CPR in the local community, and acknowledge those who have taken part:

  • See our FAQ’s for an idea of how to answer questions participants may ask on the day.

4. Key quotes

Below are key quotes that you can use to talk about your CPR training. Add these to posters and leaflets to get people thinking:

  • Learn CPR and save a life. Teach CPR and save thousands.
  • Every year in the UK over 30,000 cardiac arrests occur out of hospital. That's 30,000 opportunities to help save a life.
  • You are part of our Nation of Lifesavers, by learning CPR you will be arming yourself with the skills that could help save lives in your society.
  • Currently in the UK just one in ten people survive however in countries like Norway, where CPR is more widely taught, almost four in ten people survive.

5. Wristbands and certificates 

You can order some of our wristbands to give away at your training. To do this call our Heart Helpline number (0300 330 3311), select option 1 to be directed to our call centre and quote the code CPR2, or you can order CPR wristbands online.

CPR Wristband BHF

Click on the images below to download our pdf certificates, adding the names of people or your local group before printing. Please note you must have the ‘Pro’ version of Adobe Acrobat to edit these files on your computer or ask a design agency to do it for you.

If you’re unable to print these we have certificates which you can order in time for your event. To do this call our Heart Helpline number (0300 330 3311), select option 1 to be directed to our call centre and quote the code CPR1 or you can order CPR certificates from our website.

Please note we are not able to print certificates for you with your own logos but you are welcome to do this yourself using the artwork above.

6. CPR quiz

Our quick and easy to use CPR quiz is a useful tool that will allow you to see what you and your fellow trainees have learned in your training session. Share this after your training session to recap what has been learnt.

Take our CPR quiz

Useful website materials

Our What is CPR? page is a useful support for questions around CPR.
To see what difference we have made so far, have a look at our CPR history timeline.
See our written step by step process on how to do CPR, for future reference.