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Top 10 easy costume ideas for World Book Day

Creating DIY outfits for the kids is easy – first check what you already have at home, then hit the shops!

Our shops have an ever-changing range of clothing that might be the missing link to your World Book Day outfit, all you need is some imagination. Here are some ideas to help you get started, and one more thing, don't forgot to buy the book! 

1. Oliver Twist

This is a classic but simple costume; all you need is a cap, waistcoat and a bowl for your food! To make it even easier for you we sell the perfect flat cap range as part of our brand new product line, retail price from £4.99 and can be found in most shops.

2. Charlie Bucket from Charlie and the Chocolate factory

This is such a simple outfit, get some normal clothes and tatty them up and then make yourself a golden ticket.

3. Winnie the Witch

Blue dress, plus colourful stockings and a homemade witch’s hat and you’ve got yourself Winnie the Witch. Simple.

4. Matilda

Another classic, buy yourself a blue dress, white t-shirt and a red bow and your costume is complete.

5. Wendy from Peter Pan

Similar to Matilda, but this time all you need is a nightie and a blue bow!

6. 101 Dalmatians

Think white clothes and black pen! If you don’t want to colour your existing clothes visit your local British Heart Foundation shop for a wide range of great priced clothes.

7. Harry Potter

This is perhaps the easiest option of them all, you just need a shirt then buy a striped tie or make one yourself with paper, and if you want to be Harry draw on a scar!

8. Queen of Hearts

For this costume you will also need anything with hearts, luckily for you we have great range of heart products in our shops and on our online store.

Retail price: (Left to right) Red heart clip top purse £1.99, Black and Pink Heart Chiffon Scarf £2.99, Red heart matinee purse £6.99.

9. Gangsta Granny

The book by David Walliams is a great costume for World Book Day as it’s so simple; you will need a pink top, black skirt, a homemade eye mask and a sack. Then all you need to do is get into character!

10. Where’s Wally?

Finally, if you already have a red and white striped t-shirt then this is the perfect outfit for you, just add glasses and a hat.

Hopefully you're now feeling inspired and full of ideas. Now visit your local BHF shop to help create your World Book Day outfit.

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*all images and ideas featured in the article are for illustration and inspiration only, we receive great pre-loved items in all our shops every day