Stories about young people with heart conditions

Stories about young people with heart conditions

Here's a place where you tell the story.

We will put on this page all kinds of cool and eye opening content that you have made about hearts, health and heart conditions.

Heart Hobbies

Heart Hobbies - One of the members of our Press Gang team, Anna, tries out a different heart patient friendly hobby every month.

"Every month I will review an activity that I found heart friendly and fun or find an alternative activity to one that maybe us heart patients should stay away from" - Anna


Cissy, a member of our [email protected] programme, writes about being a teenager with a heart condition and getting on with life. Cissy won the ITV Pride of Britain award in the ‘Teenager of Hope’ category.

"Hope. That’s what I want to bring to this world. My aim in life is to bring hope to the darkest places and help people in the worst situations, to make a difference, a real difference, and until I have done exactly that, I won't be satisfied" - Cecelia

Shannon Donovan

Shannon Donovan Amy CorkeryShannon is a student nurse in London and a member of our [email protected] programme. She became involved with us after being diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm. Since then Shannon has interviewed politicians and radio presenters, and spoken at an international conference about her experience with [email protected]

"I used to be a gymnast and dancer and I had to give up sport when I was diagnosed with a heart condition. One of the most important things that the [email protected] programme has given me is a sense of community again" - Shannon

Light in your heart

Light in your heart - Hannah who writes this inspiring blog is a member of our [email protected] programme and star of our short films about being diagnosed with a heart condition. Find out about what Hannah has been up with her acting career and her one woman show 'Hannah's Heartbeat'.

"I’ve set up this blog to document my life, to share my journey, passions and ideas with others… My journey with you, starts here! Welcome to my world" - Hannah

Love Hearts

Love Hearts is a song written and performed by Dan Mur who is a Bristol Singer. The video was made to raise awareness that heart conditions affect many different people and those who care for them.

Made by Charlotte Haines

Share your story

If you have made something like a video, photo, poem, story, picture (anything at all really) that you think should be on this page email [email protected] and tell us about it.