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What we've been up to

Restart a Heart Day

On Saturday 21st October 2017, 18 [email protected] Members, along with their families joined us for a very special event at the ThinkTank museum in Birmingham. As part of Restart a Heart Day 2017 we wanted to train as many people as possible in the lifesaving skill of CPR and it was great to see so many people come together with such enthusiasm to learn this vital skill.

Everyone picked up the skill with ease and it was wonderful to hear so many of you say that you were going to ask your schools to ensure they are part of our CPR training scheme too. After lunch there was plenty of time to explore this unique museum before heading into a private screening in the planetarium. Looking forward to seeing many more of you at Restart Start a Heart Day 2018.  

Can [email protected] Escape the room? 

Cracking codes, solving riddles and pedaling for power, these were just some of the challenges that 12 [email protected] members had to tackle when they joined us for our escape room event in Nottingham on 26th July 2017. 

After being split into smaller groups it was time for the fun to begin. Each group was given a different room to escape from and their logic and communication skills were quickly put to the test as they found out they had just one hour to escape. The hour flashed by and it was soon time to refuel with lunch and talk tactics for the next room. 

Everyone did brilliantly and there was some awesome team work demonstrated. Great jobs guys! 

Lights, Camera, SNAPtion 

M@T mosiOn Saturday 11th March 2017, ten [email protected] ([email protected]) members from across the UK came together at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester for an exciting DSLR photography workshop.  

With professionals on hand everyone was given a quick masterclass in how to use the cameras, Photoshop and branding. Then after a quick planning session it was time to head out into the museum to capture the perfect image to promote [email protected]

Once the cameras were full it was back to base to edit, enhance, crop and cut the photos to make the perfect picture and they did not disappoint.

It was great to see so much creativity come to life in such a short space of time and some brilliant photos were produced. Check out the full album on our Facebook page.

Having a ROARsome Time 

On 12 November 2016 19 [email protected] members from across all four nations met at London Zoo to become Film maker extraordinaires! 

Equipped with everything they needed to film and produce their own short movies and a whole zoo to find any extras, within minutes of arriving everyone got into their groups and the film making began.

A reindeer and an owl even came round for a personal visit to see what we were up to and get us in the festive mood. 

A couple of hours later everyone came back together to watch the premier of their movies and they were amazing! Everyone had gone from film making novices to pros in a just a few hours.

It’s time for Bake Off

13 [email protected] members arrived at L’Atelier des Chefs cooking school in central London for the baking bash of the year.

In true bake off style, three teams competed to make and decorate three different delicious treats. Each team produced a Victoria sponge, twelve cupcakes and chocolates from scratch! With an in-house chef there to lend a hand even those who had never baked before were pros by the end of the day.

Everyone did a fantastic job and showed they were very creative when it came to presenting their baked goods. One team even decided to combine their cupcake and Victoria Sponge creations! They all looked fantastic and didn't disappoint when we sat down to eat them all!

Want to see what the event was like for yourself? Watch the video and find out.


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