My Story / Their Story films

My Story / Their Story films screenshot - BHF

Whether you were diagnosed suddenly or if you have known all your life you may find sometimes friends, teachers and even family don’t understand what you’re going through.

Below are two award-winning short films made by young heart patients just like you.

Young heart patients worked with the British Heart Foundation over two years to develop these films, which have won a British Medical Association award for patient involvement. All the experiences shown are based on real life stories.

These films are designed to encourage people to talk about how heart conditions can affect young people and those close to them.

Watch them both to see if there’s anything that you recognise.

My Story

Jaime has an unexpected collapse at school, and soon the Elephant Of Doom appears! 

Their Story

Jaime’s family and friends all have their own reaction to her collapse. Why doesn't her teacher seem to even care? 

Behind the scenes

Ever wonder what goes into making a film? Check out these films to see behind the scenes and how the script was developed. 

The young development team get some early ideas for My Story and Their Story. 

The real story 

Meet Tabby, a BHF campaigner who’s collapse during a fire drill at school inspired part of the My Story / Their Story films. 

Her story starts at 2min 15 seconds in the clip below. 

Order the films on DVD

meet@teenheart films for young heart patients - DVD resource

You can order a copy of these two films on DVD for free. They would be great to show in an educational or youth work setting to promote awareness of young people with heart conditions. 

You could even just play them for your family or friends to help everyone get talking about your condition and how it affects you? 

There are three ways you can hold of it:

  • Order online
  • Call our Heart Helpline number (0300 330 3311) and select option 1 to be directed to our call centre.
  • Email [email protected] 

Make sure you quote DVD G995/0714 in your phone call or email.

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