Heart conditions in young people

The more you know about your condition, the easier it is to make the choices which are right for you. The best place to start is to find out about your condition, and understand how your heart works.

Understanding my heart condition

If you have a congenital heart condition, you might feel like you don't want to know every detail because it scares you. In fact you're not alone - many adults feel the same way.

But as it's your life and your health, the more you know, the more it helps to get to grips with your condition and put yourself in control.

No question is a stupid question. I get asked all kinds of things by young patients such as, what is their medication for? We are here to help you understand everything.

Senior Cardiac Nurse

Our Revealing the facts information sheets will help you understand more about your condition:

Resources to support you

All of our resources have either been written by [email protected] members, or have been especially created for young people with heart conditions. They all give information, guidance and support about growing up with a heart condition.

Newly diagnosed

Find out what Bryn has to say about being diagnosed with a heart condition, and why not to let it hold you back. 

Watch Shannon tell her story about being diagnosed with CPVT

Do you want to meet other young people like you?

Are you aged between 13 and 19 with a heart condition and living in the UK? You can join [email protected] absolutely free!

[email protected] is a great way to get help and support and meet other young heart patients at great events.

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