Teaching kids about heart conditions

Learning about healthy eating and doing the right amount of physical activity is important if your child is going to grow up with a reduced risk of heart disease.

Talking to children about heart surgery

Sammy's Heart OperationIf your baby has a congenital heart condition, they may need to have a heart operation. This can be a frightening concept for anyone, and can be difficult for a child to understand.

Our colourful story book, Sammy’s heart operation, is a resource for 7 – 11s who are having heart surgery. Designed to be used with a play specialist in a therapy session or at home with the family, the book tells the story of Sammy and his experience from pre op to after surgery.

The book helps your child understand the people they will meet in hospital, the tests they will have, what will happen on the wards and when they can go home.

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Teaching kids about heart disease 

My Dad's Heart Attack bookletMy dad's heart attack is a book for under 11s whose family member has had a heart attack. They can read about Megan and her family, and what happens when her Dad has a heart attack.

The story explains to children in a clear and simple way what a heart attack is, the treatments and procedures that follow and the possible lifestyle changes to family life.

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