Resources for community practitioners

Community Practitioner

"Working in the heart of the community, at the frontline of healthcare – we know you have a vital role to play in the fight against heart disease"

I am a Cardiac Rehab Health Coach working for the British Heart Foundation in the NHS. I care for heart patients, helping them recover from surgery and learn to live with their heart conditions, and educating them and their families on how to be healthy in all aspects of their lives.

We have a range of resources for community practitioners to help you educate your local community on how to look after their hearts. We also have education kits which can help you deliver heart health training.

Lynsey McGregor
Cardiac Rehab Health Coach, Fife Cardiac Rehabilitation Service
British Heart Foundation supported healthcare practitioner

Top resources for community practitioners

To order resources for you or your workplace order online, call our Heart Helpline number (0300 330 3311) and select option 1 to be directed to our call centre, or email [email protected]. Want to find out what's new? Explore our patient resources.

  1. Healthy hearts kit and Pass-it-on-workshops 
  2. Chest pain kit 
  3. Heartstart scheme 
  4. Heart Support Groups 
  5. Heart Support Group toolkit 
  6. Cardiac Rehabilitation 
  7. Hearty lives 
  8. Health at work