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We have an ever growing suite of publications tailored to you and the services you provide.

Resources on best practice  

We want to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date evidence base on the best practice of CVD management in a local health economy. So we are building a portfolio of best practice resources detailing how to introduce innovative new services, the calculated cost savings, the difference it makes to a patient's experience and our learning points. 

A great example is our award winning community Intravenous Diuretics pilot, and our programmes around an integrated approach to managing Heart Failure in the community

Also available are statistical heart health information, best practice reports, healthcare programme reports and evaluations to support you in practice:

Handling difficult conversationsDifficult conversations booklet

‚ÄčDifficult Conversations is a helpful communications guide, written in partnership with the National Council of Palliative Care. It aims to support those caring for people affected by heart failure to broach the sensitive conversations with patients and their families about end of life wishes and preferences.
The booklet is based entirely on conversations with more than sixty people affected by Heart Failure.

You can download or order a copy from our website now.

Top resources for health professionals

  1. Difficult conversations
  2. Medicines for your heart
  3. Cardiovascular Disease Statistics 2014 
  4. Physical Activity Statistics 2015 
  5. Heart Health Resources and Services catalogue 
  6. Business case toolkit 
  7. Role of the BHF heart failure palliative care specialist nurse 
  8. 10 minutes to change your life
  9. Echocardiography guidelines for valve and chamber quantification 
  10. BHF card to give to children and young people with congenital heart disease

Join the fight for every heartbeat

We are taking the fight to heart disease. Putting research front and centre of what we do. We're raising awareness of the devastating impact heart disease can have and illustrating just how much we need the general public’s support to fight it. Can you help? We would love you to download and display these posters in your work space. Join the fight today:

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