What is workplace health?

Workplace health is the commitment of employers and employees to improving the physical and mental wellbeing of staff. This can be done through promotional tools, workplace initiatives or workplace policies and procedures.

Most people spend a large part of their day at work. Providing opportunities for staff to be healthy in the workplace is vital to make sure employees look after their health.

A business culture of support and flexibility, healthy adaptations to the workplace, and on-site wellbeing activities all encourage your workforce to take positive steps towards improving their health.

Heart health in the workplace

Becoming a Health at Work member will provide you with information and activities to allow staff to reflect on their health and take steps to prevent their risk of developing heart and circulatory disease.

Heart and circulatory disease is the largest cause of premature death in the UK. Risk factors include:

Two women, one on a computer
  • smoking
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • being overweight
  • being inactive and having a sedentary lifestyle.

Research has also suggested that excessive stress may also be a risk factor, but more research is needed. It’s currently thought that the way people behave when they’re stressed, such as eating unhealthy foods, smoking or drinking too much alcohol, lead to the increased risk of heart and circulatory disease.


The benefits of workplace health

Businesses across the UK are investing time and money in workplace health so that:

  • staff are physically and mentally fit
  • staff feel appreciated
  • productivity of staff increasesWendy talking with a volunteer
  • sickness absence rates decline
  • staff have opportunities to network
  • there is improved team building and morale.

Health at Work is a free membership programme which can support you to roll out workplace health in your organisation.