Workplace Health Week

people running on computer keyboardWhat is it?

Monday 18th May – Friday 22nd May is Workplace Health Week. Hosted by Workplace Challenge, and supported by the British Heart Foundation, Workplace Health Week aims to promote a healthier way of life. 

During Workplace Health Week you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to be introduced to a wealth of different sport and physical activities. There will be an array of exciting events and activities taking place throughout the working week across the country.

Events and activities will be delivered by the County Sports Partnership Network. These events will include sport taster sessions, workplace health road shows, business games and the Midday Mile.

The Midday Mile will be happening on Wednesday 20th May at noon. Businesses across England are being urged to step outside to walk, jog, run or cycle one mile for this event. The British Heart Foundation is the official charity partner of the Midday Mile so taking part is not only a great way to get your workplace active but also an opportunity to raise money for the BHF.

Visit the Workplace Challenge website for more detail on what all above events will involve and what else is planned.

Why is it important?

Introducing physical activity into your daily routine can help to prevent and manage over 20 chronic health conditions including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. We spend a third of our waking hours at work. This makes the workplace is a great environment for promoting physical activity.

More than 160 million working days are lost each year due to sickness and abseentism. By promoting physical activity in the workplace you can begin to tackle this issue and help your staff to be healthier and happier. Getting active together with colleagues has been known to boost team morale, improve productivity and increase communication.

How do I get involved?

To get involved simply sign up to the Workplace Challenge and take a workplace health pledge to acknowledge the awareness of the importance of health both in and out of the workplace.

Once you have signed up you will be kept updated with all the upcoming Workplace Health Week events in your area that you can get involved with.

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