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Chocolate fingers

We know that lots of your colleagues will be looking to eat a bit more healthily.

This March we’re challenging the nation to give up chocolate for the month and get sponsored to raise money for our life saving heart research.

Whether you and your colleagues are undercover chocolate eaters, crafty nibblers or full-on midnight fridge raiders, it’s time to dump the chocolate. All cocoa is a no-no which means no chocolate bars, sweets, biscuits and cake… even the chocolate sprinkles on your cappuccino! Sign up with colleagues and support each other throughout March.

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Our top swaps for DECHOX

To see how easy it is, here are our top swaps you and your colleagues can make to give up chocolate this March.

1  Low fat fruit yogurt

Try freezing it and adding some healthy toppings for a special twist.

2  Fruity tealoaf

Our very own recipe, this delicious loaf is very easy to make and with 10-12 slices, it will last you quite a while.

3  Berry trifle

Easy to prepare the night before, revisit your childhood with this classic recipe and add some extra fruit to make it taste great.

4  Lemon and raspberry roulade

Try our Lemon and raspberry roulade for something a little bit different – they’re super easy to make.

5  Dried mango, banana or pineapple

For these sweet snacks, a little goes a long way. Don’t forget, a small handful is about the right amount.

6  Fruit challenge

Eating your 5-a-day is going to benefit your health and keep you from snacking on chocolatey goodies. Why challenge staff to try new variety of fruit in their weekly fruit bowl?

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