Health checks

Nurse taking blood pressure

A health ‘MOT’ programme can be a great addition to your workplace health and wellbeing programme.

Effective health checks are short confidential consultations with a trained professional. They don’t require large equipment, so some commercial providers offer a ‘mobile’ service that will come to you workplace.

Health MOTs tend to use a combination of measures, tests and questionnaire responses to review a person’s wellbeing and future health risks. They often include assessment of key risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as cholesterol and blood pressure testing, as well as a discussion about the person’s lifestyle and relevant medical history.

The value of health checks

Providing employees with the opportunity to have a free health MOT at work shows your commitment to their wellbeing.

Health checks can be incredibly popular. They can sometimes pick up important undiagnosed conditions such as type 2 diabetes, as well as providing staff a chance to reflect on their overall health.

Some people are much more likely to sign-up for a health check at work than to proactively participate in health check schemes at their GP surgery. For these groups in particular, a workplace check can be invaluable.

Health check provision

You can encourage staff to start thinking about their cardiovascular health by taking our simple Heart Age test.

Several commercial companies run mobile health check services in the workplace, so search online for a trusted provider in your area.

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