Monmouthshire Housing Association

Journey to health

HR Manager at Monmouthshire Housing Association, Karen Williams, says “Our aims were to up skill our workforce, increase productivity, improve attendance and to reward staff with a pleasant working environment and good employment benefits.”

Getting started

The housing association began their health drive by offering health checks which measured blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. They also offer access to smoking cessation services and have run alcohol awareness campaigns.

To encourage staff to improve their diet they are offered fruit and vegetables at a reduced cost. Exercise classes and walking groups are also offered to increase employees' physical activity.

We take health and wellbeing very seriously. Since setting up the programme our sickness levels have improved by 4.3%, that’s a saving of £260,000 per annum.

A holistic approach

Monmouthshire Housing Association were keen to address mental wellbeing.  Twice a year there is a Wellbeing Day, including sessions with a reflexologist, which has proved very popular.  One member of the team with experience in counselling has set up The Happiness Group in her spare time.  The group serves as a support network for colleagues and has also been valuable in providing mental health information for staff.  

The benefits

Within the first year of making these changes to the workplace, Monmouthshire Housing Association achieved the gold award from Welsh Corporate Health Standard.

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