Pushing myself to new limits

Wendy Newman“The pedometer challenge helped me to lose weight, inspired me to walk more and changed my eating habits for good.

“We formed a team of five and participated in RSK’s Healthy Heart Month pedometer challenge. Being part of the team was a great idea – we were all inspired to walk more and in the end, we won the challenge with nearly half a million steps between us! 

Taking part in this team challenge pushed me to new limits

Wendy Newman
Project Administrator

“Taking part in this team challenge pushed me to new limits.  I feel more confident now and I walk much more on a daily basis, which has helped to improve my health and self-esteem. I’m thankful to work for a company that encourages us to be more active and I look forward to more challenges too.”

Top tip:

  • Work together as part of a team to achieve even greater results!

Wendy, RSK

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