Help your employees quit for good

Smoking just one to four cigarettes a day can triple your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. As a smoker, quitting is the single best thing you can do to improve your heart health.

Smoking rates in UK industries

Man showing another man his levels of carbon monoxideStatistics have revealed the UK industries with the highest smoking rates. The accommodation and food service industry came out worst with 31% of workers who smoke. This is almost three times the level in the education sector which ranked best at just 11%. Other industries with low smoking rates included the professional, scientific and technology sectors where around one in eight workers currently smoke.

The water and waste management industry ranked second worst with 29% of workers currently smoking, followed by the construction industry with 28%. This research shows there is still a shocking divide between blue and white collar professions when it comes to smoking.

The UK workforce puffs through a staggering 74 million cigarettes on average a day, that’s 12 per smoker.  The average smoker takes more sick leave and working breaks compared to their non-smoking colleagues, costing UK businesses an estimated £8.7 billion in lost productivity every year. Supporting workers to quit makes good business sense.

Take action

Supporting staff health on an ongoing basis is important for helping to maintain a strong and productive workforce. Our Health at Work programme can support you to set up a run a successful health and wellbeing programme in your organisation. Visit our healthy ideas pages for ways to support your staff to quit.

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