About Health at Work

laughing ladyAt the BHF we’re committed to promoting cardiovascular health and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Health at Work is our programme to inspire and support health and wellbeing in the workplace, in businesses, public sector organisations and charities across the UK.

Thousands of employers have already signed up to Health at Work - showing staff how much they value their wellbeing. They’re not only helping employees to improve their health and fitness, but many are reaping a range of associated benefits, including reduced sickness absence and improved productivity.

A healthy workforce makes good business sense, so join Health at Work today.

Member benefits

As a member of Health at Work you’ll have access to all the tools, ideas and advice you need for a successful workplace health scheme.

Our resources and website will help you to:
  • get the boss on-board by building a bespoke business case for Health at Work in your organisation
  • get inspiration and ideas for a programme to suit your workforce
  • get things up-and-running by launching the scheme to staff
  • get your workforce motivated with a whole host of appealing activities and fun challenges
  • understand health guidelines, and explain the benefits to staff. Health at Work Toolkit is a great place to start.
As a member, you have access to:
  • our monthly Health at Work e-newsletter
  • our quarterly postal packs containing our latest resources
  • joining our peer-support community on LinkedIn , sharing news, ideas and inspiration for workplace health and wellbeing.
We can even bring Health at Work events to your workplace:
  • Health and Wellbeing Days  are vibrant events fully staffed with expert BHF practitioners, promoting a healthy lifestyle through a range of fun and interactive sessions.

Join the movement

Health at Work is already helping thousands of workplaces, and millions of employees, to be more active, eat better, cut stress and improve their health.

Employers are seeing the benefits of reduced absenteeism, better staff morale and higher productivity.

Join Health at Work today, and take the first step to improving health and wellbeing in your workplace.

Contact us

To discuss how Health at Work could help your organisation, or for any queries about the programme, please get in touch.

Email the team at: [email protected] or Call us on: 020 7554 0355.

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