Yvonne Brown - Events marshall

Yvonne Brown, BHF volunteerYvonne Brown volunteers at a number of our events.

Here is her story:

Yvonne Brown, event marhsal When I first joined the BHF volunteering team, I covered the registration and/or the female changing areas. Both of these duties are extremely hectic, especially when there is a sea of people waiting for you to help them, and I loved it.

But then I was given my first marshalling role and that’s where I came alive. With my yellow vest, radio in hand and sheer enthusiasm, I encourage the fabulous runners in their "personal" journeys. I love it!

Yvonne Brown volunteers with BHF. So, why do I do it? Well, because not only do I have the time and will make the time, but I genuinely have a real passion and enthusiasm for any of the volunteering endeavours I undertake.

Without a shadow of a doubt my best BHF volunteer event was the 2011 Tower of London Jog where Nadia Sawalha opened the fun run, and took part. She personally came and thanked all the volunteers.

Yvonne Brown, marshal and event volunteerI give my time to make a difference for future generations. Being a volunteer has made me grow in confidence. For me, volunteering is rewarding and I love it.