Shamshad Mukadam – Multitask Shop Volunteer

Follow Shamshad’s journey and why she finds her volunteer role so rewarding.

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Shamshad has been a multitask volunteer in the Walthamstow BHF Shop for a couple of years following the death of her father.

By volunteering, Shamshad finds fulfillment as she is "making a difference to someone’s life, somewhere, somehow. That to me is very satisfying, it means a lot !”

I get great satisfaction knowing that every moment I spend volunteering for the BHF goes towards raising essential funds in saving lives

I started volunteering for the BHF following the sad loss of my dear father to a heart attack; I was close to him and so losing him affected me in a big way.

Volunteering for the BHF has given me so many opportunities. I have enhanced my existing skills and also acquired new ones. It’s given me confidence to return back to work after I took a career break to raise my children.

I have met lots of lovely people, and we work in a relaxed and friendly environment. Volunteering for the BHF is fun, enjoyable and rewarding; I certainly recommend it to everyone.