Heather Patterson – Communications & Fundraising office volunteer

Heather Patterson Office Volunteer Heather has been working in the Belfast office for a few months.

Heather explains her role here:

Listen to Heather sharing her volunteering experience with BHF Northern Ireland

Heather Patterson,Communications & Fundraising volunteerI’ve been with the BHF for around 2 months as an office based volunteer. I assist with Communications activity and Fundraising. I help the Communications Manager by writing press releases, newsletter articles, and I have a keen interest in the social media side of things.

I also assist the Fundraising Volunteer Manager by carrying out various tasks such as promoting National Wear Red Day, by ringing up local businesses and encouraging them to participate alongside organising appeals such as the Belfast Equipment Appeal. I also used to volunteer in a BHF shop.

Heather Patterson – Communications & Fundraising officer helperThe most important reason I love volunteering is to help raise the awareness of this charity within Northern Ireland with the aim of helping to save local lives. Simple as that really.

I have a passion for communicating with people and think young people need to be made more aware of heart disease. The way the BHF utilise multimedia is a perfect way to voice this.

Before I started volunteering for BHF, I was unaware of how many lives are tragically lost each year due to heart disease, and I believe that if more people my age were awakened to the dangers and more responsive to the preventative measures needed, the future would be much brighter.

Heather Patterson – Communications & Fundraising officer helperI decided to also undertake this role in order to gain further experience within the third sector in a communications and multimedia environment as I have just graduated from university, and I want to have a career within this field. I also chose to do this role because there is a plethora of new skills that I can learn.

It is a highly motivating experience knowing that at the end of each day you might have potentially saved someone’s life. It is also an opportunity for me to offer my free time to positively impact upon the lives of others, whilst also building up new friendships.

I have learnt to live life from a different perspective, and to value the simplest things, such as health, to a much higher level, and for that I thank the BHF. Knowing that you have the potential to change future generations is amazing, and as a young graduate I feel privileged to be given the opportunity.

BHF has provided me with a vision for the future.

Volunteering with BHF is for everyone!  It could potentially change your life. You’ll find an extremely warm, friendly atmosphere that radiates everywhere and is also great fun!

You will meet people that will change your life, and in turn, you will have the rewarding feeling of knowing that you have helped to change theirs. There is such a wide variety of things to get involved in, so why not use your best abilities to help change the lives of others as well as your own?