Funding our work

Researchers holding up a 2,500 sign It’s only thanks to our volunteers and supporters that we can continue our life saving research. There are lots of ways that you can help to raise the money we need to support our work in Scotland.
  • The Edinburgh Appeal – our lab at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine in Edinburgh is at the cutting edge of heart research. But it costs £2,500 every week to equip. That’s why we’re asking for your support to help keep this vital research going.

  • Volunteer – every one of our 2,300 volunteers is a heart hero. They give their time and support to help fund the fight for every heartbeat in Scotland. If you’d like to join them, you can get involved in whatever way suits you – as a one off, as a regular volunteer, in our shops, at events or in your community. 

  • Do your own fundraising - why not organise your own fundraising event in your community? It’s really easy and our fundraising guide is packed with loads of ideas to help make your fundraising a success. 

  • Take part in event in Scotland – sign up to our Glasgow to Edinburgh Trek or keep an eye out on the events pages for upcoming events in your area.

  • BHF Scotland shops – we’ve got more than 75 High Street shops and Furniture & Electrical stores across Scotland. There are lots of ways to support them, from giving your time as a volunteer to donating your unwanted goods.