Edinburgh appeal - Help fund our science today, so we can find a cure tomorrow

Your donations power our labs and the lifesaving work there. Our dedicated scientists are working in our lab in Edinburgh to find new treatments to mend a broken heart, and they need your help.

Our lab at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine provides not just the equipment, but the perfect environment to inspire our scientists every day to continue their fight for every heartbeat. Running the lab in Edinburgh for a full working week it costs over £2,500. And that doesn’t include the cost of staff.

The focus of their work is new treatments to repair the damage caused by a heart attack. One of the results of a heart attack can be heart failure, a debilitating and distressing condition. People with severe heart failure face a bleak future.
We need your help. 


Get fundraising today, or make a donation, to ensure that our researchers continue to work in the state-of-the-art environment they need to make the breakthroughs we all need.

How your donations are helping

Lizzie Skinner, Edinburgh Phd student

Scientist Lizzie Skinner is a young PhD student in Edinburgh who is embarking on her research career thanks to funding from us.

“It’s exciting to think that my research is laying the foundations for future treatments for people who have heart failure and heart disease. I hope my work will one day lead to new treatments that save lives.”

The Centre is headed by BHF Professor David Newby: “The Centre for Regenerative Medicine funding allows us to bring some of the UK’s best stem cell researchers together from four leading UK universities. By bringing everyone together to collaborate rather than compete, it will inevitably accelerate our research and deliver discoveries that bring us closer to mending broken hearts.”

With your money, dedicated people like David and Lizzie can continue to work in the environment they need to find a cure for heart failure. 

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