Our work in Scotland

Together, we’ve achieved so much over the years. Diagnosis and treatment of heart disease is more effective than ever before, death rates have fallen dramatically. 

We’re working hard across Scotland to keep up the fight. Join us!

What's been going on in Scotland

In Scotland so far

  • £7 million last year alone, to research pioneering new ways to prevent, treat and cure heart disease
  • We have invested in Hearty Lives programmes making a real difference to people living with heart disease
  • We have funded or supported 59 health care professionals across Scotland
  • We have put lifesavers on Scotland’s streets. Almost 75,000 people in communities and schools took part in our Heartstart training to learn emergency life support skills

We have partnered with Marie Curie Cancer Care, to improve the quality of care for patients with advanced heart failure as part of the Caring Together programme.