Heart Heroes Wales

Our annual Heart Hero awards recognise and reward supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and partners who have made an exceptional contribution to our fight for every heartbeat. 

At a special ceremony in 2016, we honoured the people whose drive is helping us to win the fight against heart disease. 

Inspiration Award

Michelle Williams, Heart Heroes winner

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams from North Wales was born with damaged heart valves, and in 2014 underwent heart surgery. She believes in changing minds about heart disease.

She also believes that surviving heart surgery is something to be proud of.

That is why she created and sold a calendar of people’s photos, bearing their scars with pride, to raise funds for BHF Cymru. She’s getting rid of scar stigma one picture at a time.

Influencing Award

Merched y Wawr, heart hero winner

Merched y Wawr

Being at the heart of Welsh communities, this top women’s organisation has wielded its influence with over 5,600 of its members to creatively fundraise to power our life saving work in Wales.

They has shared our ‘heart health for women’ booklets and encouraged discussions in their branches, and, in return, women across Wales have responded by donating jewellery and accessories to sell at key Welsh festivals.

By the end of the summer they will have raised over £30,000 in the fight for every heartbeat. 

Innovation Award

anne thomas, heart hero winner

Anne Thomas

As a nurse in north Wales, Anne Thomas spent many years successfully supporting patients to make positive changes to improve their health.

She knew that many were rurally isolated and lacked confidence to find health and lifestyle information, so she used BHF resources to develop a Healthy Hearts Programme for hospital staff, to help them make healthy lifestyle changes. Providing confidential support in their own area has been key to her success.

Young Heart Hero

lewis walker, heart hero winner

Lewis Walker

Eleven year old Lewis from Pwllheli was only 5 days old when he had a 10 hour open heart surgery to correct a faulty valve condition. The family where told he would not live. He also has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

His family says he’s an inspiration to them all: he’s always smiling and has a positive attitude to life and he encourages others to join him in his love for watching rugby.

Fighting Spirit Award

sarah tyler davies, heart hero winner

Sarah Tyler Davies

Much of 35 year old Sarah Tyler Davies’ childhood years were spent in a series of hospital stays for surgery to correct a heart defect since birth. Five years ago she had a cardiac arrest and had an internal defibrillator device fitted to keep her heart beating.

She’s turned her heart health battle into something positive to inspire others to fundraise. She travels across north Wales to encourage others to support our work, and she shares her story to help people like her with the same condition.