Heart Heroes South

Our annual Heart Hero Awards recognise and reward supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and partners who have made an exceptional contribution to our fight for every heartbeat.

Our South of England conference was held at the BHF’s Centre for Research Excellence at Imperial College London where we recognised those people who are helping us win the fight against heart disease. 

Inspiration Award

Antonia Furniss

Antonia Furniss is an inspiration. The tragic loss of her husband became her motivation to help others. Despite dealing with her own grief she brought together a team of people to raise money for the BHF’s research. In their first year the group raised an incredible £19,000. Antonia’s energy has seen the group grow to 50 members who all share a common purpose of fighting heart disease. 

Influencing Award

lawrence stack, winner of a heart hero award

Lawrence Stack

Lawrence Stack has worked tirelessly to support his community for many years. Recently he has campaigned to install defibrillators across town despite needing a kidney transplant and regular dialysis. It has generated huge interest locally and Lawrence continues to run first aid and defibrillator training. His remarkable dedication is making a life saving difference.

Innovation Award

salli grant, winner of a heart hero award

Salli Grant

Salli Grant helps change people’s lives. Six years ago there was little rehabilitation support for heart patients in her community.

Starting with one class, Salli now runs 13 throughout the area offering a road to recovery for thousands of people. But she hasn’t rested there, teaching her groups CPR and inspires them to fundraise for the BHF.

Young Heart Hero Awards

maisie robertson, winner of a heart hero award

Maisie Robertson

Maisie Robertson has risen to every challenge in her life. Despite a heart condition and other health conditions she has never stopped ceasing opportunities.

As a member of her local Girl Guide unit she has climbed, fenced and taken part in initiatives to support her community. Maisie has also raised funds and awareness of heart conditions amongst young people and adults.

macie balfour, winner of a heart hero award

Macie Balfour

Macie Balfour has an enthusiasm and spirit that can’t be dented. She was born with a heart condition, and has become a passionate supporter of the BHF.

She has led fundraising drives at her local school rallying the pupils to take part in Wear it. Beat it. and a sponsored skipping event. Macie has also organised a special CPR assembly to teach life-saving skills.

rehena browne, winner of a heart hero award

Rehana Browne

Rehana Browne had a cardiac arrest when she was just 22. But within a few months she was seeking to use her experience to help others.

Rehana has been a tireless advocate, speaking at high profile events and conferences to change perceptions about heart disease. She has done this whilst coming to terms with the trauma of her diagnosis and treatment.

calum, winner of a heart hero award

Calum Morris

Calum Morris is ten but has already been through a great deal in his young life. He’s had to face multiple heart operations, but every time he’s risen to the challenge.

Calum’s strong character has made him determined to take part in school activities and be a caring brother. Together with his family, Calum has also been a stalwart supporter of the BHF helping to front awareness and fundraising campaigns.

joanne brookes, winner of a heart hero award

Joanne Brookes

Joanne Brookes never gives up. She was born with two holes in her heart and doctors warned that she might not survive. But today, Joanne is still here and still fighting.

Despite the challenges to her health that she still faces, Joanne is using her experience to help others, forming a heart support group and giving talks in local schools. 

Fighting Spirit Award

Lucas Talbot

Lucas Talbot puts a smile on everyone’s face. He’s had three open heart surgeries and countless other procedures. And whilst every day is a challenge for Lucas, he has never let anything hold him back.

Lucas has helped raise thousands of pounds and packs as much into his life as he can. Throughout it all, he’s maintained a positive spirit that inspires all those around him.