Heart Heroes Scotland

Thank you for nominating, and for voting for, our Heart Heroes of 2017. The winners were announced at the BHF Scotland Supporter Day at the University of Edinburgh on 27 June 2017.

Everyone who was nominated is very special and we are proud so many amazing people have the chance to be recognised for their fight against heart disease. 

Ross Peters Scotland heart hero 2017Inspiration

For involving and inspiring others in the fight for every heartbeat. This could be demonstrated through their fundraising efforts, taking part in a physical challenge, organising an event or volunteering activities.

Winner: Ross Peters. At the age of 21, Ross was diagnosed with an inherited heart condition and told that he would need a heart transplant. Since then he’s helped raise awareness of inherited heart conditions by sharing his story in the media. His positivity continues to inspire those around him, from his fiancée, a nurse wanting to specialise in cardiology, to his parents raising funds at their 25th wedding anniversary.
Finalists: Andy McKay, Sandy Reid’s Garage


Simon Gillespie with Scarlet DouganFighting Spirit Award

For an individual or group of people who have been affected by congenital heart disease and used their experiences as a force for good.

Winner: Scarlett Dougan. Five year old Scarlett was born with a heart condition and will have two major operations this year. Scarlett and her family have done amazing work to raise awareness and funds, and Scarlett’s Ball has now raise around £60,000, for the BHF. 
Finalists: Aaron Bayne, Martin Donaldson


Nathan Byrne Scotland heart hero 2017Young Heart Hero

For an exceptional young person who’s raising awareness of the BHF's aims and ambitions. This person might be a heart patient, a campaigner, a blogger, a volunteer or a fundraiser.

Joint Winner: Nathan Byrne. Born in 2015 with a congenital heart condition, Nathan has had to fight for survival. At only 20 months old, his positive spirit inspired his family to fundraise throughout 2016 under the name #TeamNathan and they raised £23,000 for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, to make life easier for other children like Nathan with similar conditions.

Joint winners: Findlay Campbell, Colbie-Kate Ross


Jane Lockhart Scotland heart hero 2017Heart Health Professional

For an individual who has shown drive and commitment to improve the lives of heart patients and/or their families. This could be BHF-funded scientists, cardiologists, cardiac rehabilitation instructors, pharmacists, GPs and nurses.

Winner: Jane Lockhart. Transplant coordinator at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Jane provides round-the-clock support to seriously ill patients who need a new heart. Due to the lack of available hearts it may be several months, or even years, before a donor heart becomes available. The award recognises Jane's compassion working with patients at this sensitive time. 
Finalists: Professor Mandy MacLean, Prescribing Support Technicians at N\HS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Community Fundraising Awards

We also presented three Community Fundraising Awards.

  • New Fundraising Group of the Year: University of Edinburgh Cardiovascular Research Centre Fundraising Group
  • Community Fundraising Volunteer of the Year: Martin Donaldson
  • Fundraising Group of the Year: Falkirk Branch

CPR Hero Awards

These awards were presented to people who have saved lives through their swift action by performing CPR when someone went into cardiac arrest.
The recipients were: Sandy Reid’s Garage and Gayle Wiseman

Special Achievement Award

This award was presented to the family and friends of Jenna McKay who have raised the amazing sum of £100,000 since her sudden death in 2011 from a heart condition.