Heart Heroes Scotland

Our annual Heart Hero Awards recognise and reward supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and partners who have made an exceptional contribution to our fight for every heartbeat.

At a special ceremony at the University of Glasgow, we recognised those people who are helping us win the fight against heart disease. 

Inspiration Award

David Saunders, Winner of a Heart Hero Award

David Saunders

As part of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, David Saunders – then aged 18 – carried the Queen’s Baton through his village, Fort Augustus.

The fact that it was less than two years after losing his right leg during a lengthy heart operation made it even more remarkable.

David helps run youth groups, is a fundraiser and inspires local people by showing anything is possible.

Influencing Award

Jenny Kumar, winner of a Heart Hero Award

Jenny Kumar

Jenny Kumar believes that surviving heart surgery is something to be proud of. That’s why she joined friends to organise Scarred FOR Life, a photography exhibition in which heart patients proudly show their scars.

The exhibition has toured Scotland, including the Scottish Parliament, helping to change perceptions by showing the human face of heart disease.

Innovation Award

Paul Forsyth, winner of a Heart Hero Award

Paul Forsyth

Finding the right balance of drugs can hugely improve a heart failure patient’s quality of life. Clinical pharmacist Paul Forsyth is dedicated to improving life for people suffering this disabling condition.

He’s used his expert knowledge to create dramatic improvements for his patients. Now, through his role as a national expert, he is making sure that patients throughout the UK benefit.

Young Heart Hero Award

robbie hughes, winner of a heart hero award

Robbie Hughes

Robbie Hughes, from Motherwell, is just three but he has inspired family and friends to raise thousands of pounds for BHF Scotland and the cardiac unit of his local hospital.

Robbie was born with serious heart problems and has inspired his brother and sister to educate other schoolchildren about their health.

Pupils are now joining our Nation of Lifesavers by learning life saving CPR. His family set up a UK-wide support group and, through social media, are encouraging understanding of children’s heart disease.

Fighting Spirit

Jade McWilliam, a Heart Hero Award winner

Jade McWilliam

Becoming a karate World Black Belt is rare enough, but Jade McWilliam from Kintore has achieved it despite being born prematurely, with several heart problems. Now 15, she has never let her condition hold her back.

Jade is an inspiration to the other pupils she helps to instruct and is the personification of Fighting Spirit. She and her family fundraise and support their local BHF Scotland shop - all this from a girl whose heart was smaller than a walnut when she first underwent open heart surgery.