Heart Heroes North West

Everyone who was nominated is very special and we are proud so many amazing people have the chance to be recognised for their fight against heart disease. 

We are delighted to announce the winners for our North West Supporter Day are as follows:

Young Hero Award

For an exceptional young person raising awareness of the BHF's aims and ambitions. This person might be a heart patient, a campaigner, a blogger, a volunteer or a fundraiser.

Winner: Catherine Cattle. After Catherine was diagnosed with a heart condition, her mum threw a ‘pink party’ to celebrate Catherine, which raised £3,500 for the BHF.  

Winner: Romeo Oates. Born with a serious heart problem and enduring three heart operations has made Romeo a little fighter, but he keeps smiling, whether he’s at the hospital or helping fundraise for the BHF.

Winner: Jake Cathcart has spent most of his first year of life fighting heart disease. Jake’s positive spirit and infectious smile has inspired his family to raise over £5,000 for the BHF.

Heart Health Professional

This award will go to an individual who has shown drive and commitment to improve the lives of heart patients and/or their families. This could be BHF-funded scientists, cardiologists, cardiac rehabilitation instructors, pharmacists, GP's and nurses.

Winner: Dr Christopher Skene is popular amongst his patients and has been nominated for his commitment and dedication to getting them as well as they can be. 

Finalist: Oldham Community Leisure Limited Health and Physical Activity Team.

Inspiration Award

For involving and inspiring others in the fight for every heartbeat. This could be demonstrated through their fundraising efforts, taking part in a physical challenge, organising an event or volunteering activities.

Winner: Nicola Wiseman. After a life-saving heart operation, Nicola struggled to run to the end of the road. Now she is competing in six running events this year to raise more money for the BHF.

Finalists: Tommy Callagher and Michelle Howard

Volunteer of the Year

We also presented one of our annual community fundraising awards.

Winner: Tommy Callagher has been an enthusiastic BHF volunteer for over 20 years. He works incredibly hard to secure collections across Liverpool and his cheery demeanour and positive personality have made him a hit with the charity co-ordinators in local supermarkets. 


CPR Heroes

These awards were presented to people who have saved lives through their swift action by performing CPR when someone went into cardiac arrest. Awards were presented to the following winners:

  • Dave Atkinson
  • Paul Eccles
  • Petter Hammond
  • Mick Wray
  • Connah Holden
  • Adam Barwell
  • Kristian Barwell
  • Jonathan Hunt
  • Mark Leaver
  • Stephen Rawes
  • Vicky Speight
The Heart Heroes section of the day takes place in the afternoon of our Supporter day events. If you are interested to hear about the work of the BHF, meet our Chief Executive Simon Gillespie and our funded researchers and see our science up close, you can register for your local Supporter Day here.