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Use of patient data in medical research

We are major funder of medical research and a lot of research relies on access to patient data. We've set up a Patient Panel with Cancer Research UK to help shape what we're calling for in terms of access to medical data for our researchers.

Find out what the panel have been involved in during the panel's pilot year.

Helping us provide better information and support

Our risk factor resources provide advice on leading a healthy lifestyle and help prevent and better manage heart disease. We're currently reviewing the resources to ensure they are providing the information and support that people need. To help us do this we invited 10 patients to share their experiences and ideas.

Find out how the interactive workshop will lead to the re-development of our resources.

Parliamentary Inquiry into heart failure 

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Heart Disease is currently holding an Inquiry into living with heart failure. To help us feed into the Inquiry we spoke to around 20 heart failure patients to find out their insights.

Read more to see what we found out about living with heart failure.

Cardiovascular Care Partnership (UK) annual conference

The annual conference took place within the British Cardiovascular Society's conference which is attended by researchers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals working in the field of cardiology. The CCPUK conference, on the other hand, is specifically for patient representatives.

David Kelsall, who attended the CCPUK conference, shares his thoughts on the day.

Heart Voices help us develop a new resource

Eleven people with high cholesterol came together to help us design a new leaflet to raise awareness of Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. The group told us about their experiences and their ideas on how to present the information.

Find out how the discussion with people with high cholesterol will make a difference.

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