Every three minutes, another family loses a loved one to heart and circulatory disease.

For more than 50 years, our research has led the way in transforming the lives of people with heart and circulatory disease.

£85 is how much it costs to train one of our PhD students for just one day. Schemes at top UK universities turn promising scientists into potential future leaders through three or four years of intensive scientific training. We currently fund over 80 PhD students in this way.
£100 is what researchers need for special equipment called pipettes to handle tiny amounts of liquids. Every lab needs a range of these pipettes and they cost £100 each.
£140 could help fund a cardiac nurse working on the BHF Heart Helpline for a day. The nurse can provide vital information and support to heart patients, carers and families, helping them better manage and understand their conditions.
£200 pays for one of our early career heart researchers for a whole day. We currently fund around 500 post-doctoral scientists who work in research teams right across the UK on projects to better understand how to diagnose, prevent, treat, and cure heart disease.  
£300 helps to provide a Call Push Rescue kit to a community group. The kit contains everything to teach CPR in half an hour, including ten inflatable manikins, training DVDs, as well as enough spare parts to teach 60 people. It also includes a welcome pack with posters, a motivational video, a booklet with top tips and much more.

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