Fundraising tips

father and daughter pouring tea. Fundraising takes determination, creativity and enthusiasm. See our top tips below on how to make your fundraising a success. And to see more, download our infographic

Get planning

The sooner you start organising your event, the better. If you’re organising a big event, rally the troops and get friends or family involved in helping you out.

Keep it simple

The best fundraising is the simplest. Be realistic, and keep a checklist so you know exactly what needs to be done at every stage.

Pick your moment

Timing is everything. Be aware of any major events or holidays which might be happening in your area and plan around them so as many people as possible will be able to support you.

Share your story

If you have a personal reason for supporting the BHF and you feel you can talk about it, share your motivation with potential supporters. It brings your fundraising to life, and will help them understand why it’s important. And for extra support, you can also share your story with the BHF community.

Get connected

ell your friends, family and work colleagues about what you’re up to and let your local paper and radio station know. Use any social networks you have too. Contact your local media, especially if you are planning a large event. 

Maximise your money

Use to create your own page. This way you can email it to your friends, family and colleagues. Make sure that the first donation is high, as this will inspire others to be equally generous.

Tell us about it

We love to hear about you’re planning, and can provide you with additional materials you might need to help your event a success. Get in touch with our fundraising support team – their details can be found in our fundraising pack.

Cameras at the ready

We love to see your pictures and share your stories – help us to inspire others to fight for every heartbeat. Take lots of photos and send them to us after your event.

Have fun

You’ve worked so hard to get to the big day, so make sure you enjoy yourself! If you’re having a good time, so will everyone else – and the more fun you have, the more funds you’ll raise.

Thank everyone

Let your supporters know how much they helped you raise for the fight against heart disease. Your efforts and their funds will make a massive difference to 7million people across the UK who are affected by cardiovascular disease. 

Fundraising guide

If you like our top tips, you will love our brand new fundraising guide. It's packed full of great ideas, top tips and all the essentials you need to make sure your fundraising goes smoothly. 

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