Fundraising tips and ideas

Conquering the London to Brighton Bike Ride is a big achievement. We've asked all our riders to raise at least £200 in sponsorship - and we're here to help you reach your target.

We have loads of tried and tested methods of fundraising. Whether you're fundraising with friends, at school or at work, here are a few tips and ideas to help top up your fundraising total.

Prize draw

Set up a prize draw with our ready-made poster (PDF). Ask your friends, family and colleagues to donate so they can take part - all you need to do is supply a prize for the winner!

Do the chores

Offer to give your friends, family or neighbours a hand with their everyday chores in exchange for donations. Doing the washing up or offering to clean the car can soon add up and boost your fundraising.

Root through your wardrobe

Dig out all of those unwanted clothes (or any other items you don't want!) and hold a jumble sale or a bring and buy sale to raise money.

Guilt-free zone

Do you have a sweet-tooth? Why not ditch the sweet treats until your event, and ask for donations to help you stay strong. 

Bake sale

If you can’t bring yourselves to cut out the cake, charge people to eat it instead! Organise a few colleagues to bake their best showstoppers. Another easy way to bring in the dough.

Double your money

Find out if your employer is part of the Matched Giving scheme. If they are, every £1 you raise could be doubled. Get your boss to join the fight with you. 

Get Social

You can swap top fundraising ideas with other cyclists over on our new London to Brighton Facebook page!

Gift Aid

Make your sponsorship money go further - remember to tell people to Gift Aid their donations to you. We can claim another 25p for every pound raised. 

Set up a JustGiving page

It's not too late to create an online fundraising page. It's the easiest and fastest way for people to sponsor you.


If you'd prefer to raise money offline, you can keep track of your fundraising with a sponsorship form (PDF).