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Heart pioneers

anatomical scan of a heart

Welcome to the home of the Heart Pioneers. 

Find out more about the supporters who donate between £1,000 and £5,000 each year to help us fund our research projects. 

Benefits of being a Heart Pioneer

Visit a lab

Our Heart Pioneers get to visit the labs where our world-class researchers uncover new and innovative ways to fight cardiovascular disease. They also receive invitations to certain VIP events throughout the year which are an opportunity to meet our researchers and other supporters. 

Early access to events

Heart Pioneers are entitled to early access to certain sports events each year such as the London Marathon and RideLondon - Surrey 100.

We will keep our Heart Pioneers updated with event opportunities through our quarterly newsletter.

Only a handful of places can be reserved and once these are gone we cannot guarantee access.

Other benefits

We will also email you a quarterly newsletter plus the Spring and Autumn printed newsletter, Heart News. 

Become a Heart Pioneer

To find out more about becoming a Heart Pioneer, please contact us:

Harley Humphries
020 7554 0257
[email protected]