The Liberal Democrats Manifesto

Here’s our analysis of The Liberal Democrat's commitments to work for people at risk of and living with Cardiovascular Disease.

  • We’re pleased to see the Liberal Democrats committing to a ring-fence of the science budget as we have called for. We also welcome the commitment to ensure that, by 2020, both capital and revenue spending have increased at least in line with inflation and a doubling of innovation and research spend.
  • We welcome their commitment to restrict the marketing of junk food to children, including restricting TV advertising before the 9pm watershed, in line with our call. 
  • They have also pledged to introduce mandatory Personal, social and health education (PHSE), which would include the teaching of life saving skills, including CPR. We welcome this positive commitment in line with our call. 
  • The Lib Dems have given positive commitments on integration at both a national level, by combining outcomes frameworks and reforming the tariff, as well as at a local level, which is good to see.