CVD outcomes strategy

Man gets chest pain

Excellent progress has been made tackling cardiovascular diseases over the last decade. But we cannot be complacent.

The fact that we're living longer and our lifestyles are unhealthier means more needs to be done to sustain and improve progress.

The Government’s acknowledged the need for a new Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Outcomes Strategy covering the links between the various conditions.

All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) on Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney and Diabetes joined forces to produce a report examining what the priorities for the strategy should be.

The APPGs' report was informed by submissions from the Cardio and Vascular Coalition, a leading group of 40 voluntary organisations, including us, Diabetes UK, Stroke Association and Kidney Alliance.

The strategy

In March 2013, the Government published its new Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes Strategy. This covers a number of areas we identified and we believe it will help to deliver better outcomes for people with, or at risk, of cardiovascular disease.

We are particularly pleased to see the emphasis on an integrated approach to patients with multiple conditions. There are also welcome actions around improving take-up of NHS Health Checks, promoting the importance of CPR and defibrillators and improving both patient experience and end of life care.