Case studies

We work closely with people across the UK to share stories of those who have experienced the devastating impact of heart disease first hand. 

Young girl, Paige Morgan - seen here on the beach with her dog - relies on a pacemaker to keep her aliveMeet the girl with no heart beat

Paige Morgan’s heart does not beat naturally. After her natural pacemaker was damaged during an operation Paige, 8, is now 100% reliant on a pacemaker to keep her alive. 

She was born with a heart condition (a congenital heart condition) and needed surgery as soon as she was born. Growing up she has had a number of operations on her heart, and will need more as she gets older. 

Paige is a lively little girl, and while she might not be able to run or dance like other little girls her age, she is making the most of life. When she grows up she would like to be a nurse. 

Becks Breslin - seen here with her husband - suffers with a a mysterious heart condition called SCADFacing a heart condition no-one has answers for

Becks Breslin, 38, suffered a heart attack in 2012. It was caused by a mysterious heart condition called spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD), a rare yet devastating condition predominantly affecting young, healthy women. 

SCAD means the layers which form the coronary vessels of the heart tear away from each other. As a result, blood can collect between the vessel layers forming a blood blister which restricts or blocks blood flow to the heart. This leads to a SCAD heart attack.

At the time there was no SCAD research taking place in the UK, and this needed to change. Working with BHF-funded researcher Dr David Adlam, Beck’s went on to pioneer the first patient-led study into the condition. Using the power of social media she helped recruit 100 SCAD patients to the first clinical trial led by David and his team in Leicester hoping to shed light and find answers.  

Three years on, over 500 patients have taken part in the trial, and the number continues to grow.

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