BHF Alumni Events

BHF Alumni events are open to all BHF-funded researchers, past and present, who have registered with the BHF Alumni Programme. If you have not yet registered, join free today to start taking advantage of the benefits. Our events programme aims to be truly international and will comprise talks, networking events and professional development opportunities throughout the UK and beyond. 

Past events

BHF Alumni in Paris


We were excited to announce our first Alumni event outside of the UK in spring 2018, with a private dinner for BHF funded researchers, past and present, in the heart of Paris. Strengthening the ties between French and British research and pledging our support for scientists tackling cardiovascular disease all over the world, alumni with a "French connection" came together, met fellow BHF alumni and heard about exciting new research and opportunities from the BHF.

The Future of International Collaboration

The opportunities afforded by digital technology, the uncertainties of Brexit and the exciting potential of "Big Data" science have created a research environment in which international collaboration between researchers, funders, industry professionals, clinicians and governments has never been more important. To discuss the successes, opportunities and challenges of international collaboration, the BHF, in partnership with UCL's Cardiovascular Network, was delighted to host this evening of discussion, debate and networking. Photos and a video of the event's highlights will be available soon.