Strategic Initiatives

We are prepared to consider applications from major research institutions for large capital awards for their cardiovascular research strategy.

About the Awards

We will enter into dialogue with major research institutions to identify potential large capital needs for their cardiovascular research strategy. By so doing, we hope that we will be able to indicate at an early stage to what extent the BHF may be able to contribute to the overall costs of the strategy, thereby allowing the institution to lever additional funds from other sources. 

We are unlikely to make more than one such award to any institution in a five year period.

How to Apply

Full applications will not be considered without our prior approval to submit. In order to decide whether it is appropriate to apply, the following information is required in brief:

  • Request form SI. from and complete questions 1-6. A detailed breakdown of costs under question 5 is not required at this stage.
  • Provide a letter from the Dean explaining how the proposal fits with the organisation's cardiovascular research strategy.

The Medical Director is happy to discuss proposals informally.