University of Glasgow

Professor Rhian Touyz

BHF Centre of Research Excellence

World-renowned scientist BHF Professor Rhian Touyz leads our Centre in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

The Glasgow team in the BHF Centre of Research Excellence is trying to unravel the causes and mechanisms of blood vessel damage and how this influences the development of many cardiovascular diseases. The thinking is that injured and inflamed blood vessels are the root cause of heart and circulatory diseases such as heart failure, heart attacks, kidney failure and stroke. Researchers, both clinical and non-clinical, in Glasgow have contributed significantly to advancing the field of cardiovascular biology and medicine in areas like hypertension, heart failure, stroke, biomarkers and pulmonary hypertension. 

Understanding the link between poor blood vessel function and cardiovascular diseases 

The BHF CoRE brings together outstanding researchers across multiple disciplines at the University of Glasgow and worldwide, studying the whole spectrum from the biology of cells and how they interact, to how and why the heart and blood vessels become inflamed and injured and how this contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

The cardiovascular conditions studied at the centre include hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, heart failure, ischaemic heart disease, arrhythmias, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular complications of diabetes and kidney disease, stroke and clinical aging. 

From lab bench to hospital bedside

Providing the next generation of cardiovascular researchers with a strong training in laboratory and clinical research, from bench-to-bedside, and from bedside-to-bench, is a priority for the CoRE in Glasgow.  

The CoRE runs two unique training programmes– a PhD in vascular biology and biomedical sciences for medical doctors, and the Clinical Observership Programme - an opportunity for PhD scientists to shadow clinicians through a 3-4 month rotation in a clinical discipline related to their specific research interests. 

Core Facilities

The BHF CoRE Glasgow has established three outstanding core facilities that provide strong support for our research across the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences. 

The CoRE’s state-of-the art infrastructure focuses on iclinical trials, vascular phenotyping in humans, and vascular functional studies in humans and experimental models. 

This comprehensive platform allows the examination of small arteries at many levels that can inform us about mechanisms and causes of vascular disease and new approaches to promote vascular health. 

All our life saving research is funded by our donations.