University of Edinburgh

Professor David Newby

BHF Centre of Research Excellence

Led by Professor John Mullins, Edinburgh’s Centre is identifying and exploring risk factors of heart disease such as stress and exposure to air pollution and learning how these risks can be managed in people.

Edinburgh’s two BHF Professors Andrew Baker and David Newby (pictured), are leading research programmes at the University of Edinburgh to help beat heart disease.

World-leading stem cell research

Edinburgh is also home to a world-leading regenerative medicine facility – the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine, opened in 2012  – thanks in part to money raised through our Mending Broken Hearts Appeal. Scientists there such as stem cell expert Professor Bruno Péault are working on healing hearts damaged by heart attack

Diagnosing heart attacks in women

Researchers at Edinburgh found that the use of a new blood test could double the diagnosis of heart attacks in women. They evaluated the effectiveness of a blood test for troponin, a protein released from the heart during a heart attack. 

Building on these findings, the researchers carried out a clinical trial which showed that using the same high sensitivity blood test could rule out a heart attack in two thirds of people arriving at A&E with chest pain. Through the trial they found the threshold at which they could rule out a heart attack and safely send people home.

Prize winning research

The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education was awarded to researchers at the University of Edinburgh in 2015 for ‘improving lives of patients with coronary heart disease’. 

The prize is awarded every two years for work at Universities which demonstrates excellence, innovation and impact.

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At Edinburgh, we're examined the benefits of taking a daily aspirin and also looked at the link between exhaust pollution and heart attacks.

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