University of Cambridge

Professor Nick Morrell

BHF Centre of Research Excellence

World-leading researcher BHF Professor Nick Morrell heads our the BHF Centre of Research Excellence at the University of Cambridge.

Professor Morrell and his team are hoping to come up with ways to prevent heart attacks using innovative research approaches, Professor Robin Correll and Dr Aiwu Zhou are studying the causes of pre-eclampsia, and Professor Emanuele Di Angelantonio and his team are helping to improve our understanding of fats in our blood.

From lab bench to hospital bedside

The funding will allow our Cambridge scientists to focus their expertise on the major cause of heart attacks: coronary heart disease, and reveal new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat this condition.

By bringing together scientists from different disciplines they will generate new ways to prevent and treat heart attacks.

Cambridge scientists are also pioneering ways to repair the heart following a heart attack, using stem cells to regrow damaged heart tissue. Dr Amer Rana has made an exciting breakthrough - transforming patients' blood into stem cells. This gives real hope that we could one day repair damaged hearts.

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At Cambridge, our scientists have made some discoveries that may offer hope for a future treatment for pre-eclampsia. We've also settled the controversy of whether triglycerides cause heart disease.

Without your help, this research wouldn't be possible.