King's College London

Professor Ajay Shah

BHF Centre of Research Excellence

Under BHF Professor Ajay Shah’s leadership, the King’s College London Centre is making great strides in understanding the structure of the heart at a molecular level.

This includes the work of BHF Professor Mathias Gautel who is advancing our understanding of heart muscle diseases by studying the muscle cells involved. One of our newest BHF Professors, Kinya Otsu who recently moved to King's from Japan, is researching new treatments for heart failure by studying what happens inside the cells after a heart attack.

Premature heart aging

Professor Cathy Shanahan is also leading at King's College London in studying rare genetic diseases to find out how the arteries in the heart age and how to stop premature aging of the heart.

More than molecular research

They have world-leading imaging facilities that are improving how doctors can see the damaged heart so that they can make the right decisions about treatment. But they’re also coming up with ways to make stem cell research more robust and effective.

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At King's College, our research revealed how an unhealthy lifestyle can prematurely age your arteries, causing heart disease — giving us an insight into how we can reduce the impact of normal aging on our heart health.

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