Imperial College London

Professor Michael Schneider

BHF Centre of Research Excellence

World-leading stem cell researcher BHF Professor Michael Schneider heads our Imperial College Centre.

Professor Schneider and his team are hoping to come up with ways to mend the broken heart using stem cells.

From lab bench to hospital bedside

The university carries out high quality clinical research as well as laboratory studies. In particular, BHF Professor Dorian Haskard's group is making great progress looking at the impact our immune system has on the development of heart disease.

In addition, we helped fund a cutting-edge research facility that will bring all their heart research under one roof. Leading scientists from different specialties will be able to collaborate more effectively. Imperial’s Centre already has strong collaborative work where biologists are working with engineers, chemists and mathematicians, for example, to help beat heart disease.

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At Imperial, Professor Evans and his team found why green vegetables are healthy for hearts. Researchers are also looking for the genes that explain why South Asians have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

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