BHF-German Centre for Cardiovascular Research Partnership Funding Scheme

Partnership between the British Heart Foundation and the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research funds innovative cardiovascular research projects.

The BHF and German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK) want to encourage international collaborations between cardiovascular researchers in the UK and Germany.

The award scheme supports projects:

  • where the cross-national dimension enables work of higher impact than can be carried out nationally.
  • that tackle novel and globally important themes.
  • the scope of the scheme is for innovative cardiovascular research with the potential for improved clinical diagnosis, prevention or treatment.
  • partnerships that involve a multidisciplinary approach are strongly encouraged.

It is not intended to fund clinical trials, PhD students or Fellows. 

Applications must be led by a single principal investigator (PI) in each country. Co-applicants (CoIs) can be from up to two institutions in each country.

The total number of named applicants should not exceed three in each country. Applications may include participation of commercial partners. However, the PI's must be academics.

It is expected that the PIs and/or CoIs will already be in receipt of funding from the BHF or will already be DZHK PIs or registered DZHK scientists.

Information on the scheme

  • There will be an annual call for funding by this partnership scheme. Running for three years in the first instance.
  • Up to €4 million will be available to the scheme each year, with a maximum of €2 million to be spent in each nation.
  • Grants will be awarded by competitive selection and will provide funding for research programmes for up to 4 years.
  • It is expected that one or two programmes per year will be funded.
  • The level of support requested for a proposed programme is therefore expected to be in the range from around €2 million to a maximum of €4 million. If fully justified. 

While the extent of scientific support requested may be similar in the UK and Germany, this is not a requirement.

The requested resource in each country should be driven purely by the science. Staff costs should be based on national scales.

Applications should be for specific hypothesis-led and focused research project or programme.

This is an open call with no specific restrictions on the scientific theme. Information on how to apply.

The scheme is currently closed for applications. We will announce another call for applications at a later date. 

Awards from the first round in 2018 will be announced this year.