Research Strategy in practice - what does this mean for me?


We’ve recently revealed our new Research Strategy for the next five years. In line with the recommendations of the Research Strategy Review Panels, including our funded researchers, we will be revising our basic and clinical fellowship schemes. But what does this mean in practice for our funded researchers?

Basic Science Fellowships

International students, including those without a connection to European Economic Area, will now be eligible for our PhD studentships. We will pay home fees and will expect the outstanding balance of fees for overseas students to be supported from other sources. 

Eligibility for this fellowship scheme will now be:

 - Researchers within the final year of their PhD or within 2 years of the date of the PhD viva (changed from one year) to allow more time for high quality publications to come to fruition

 - The duration will now be 4 years (changed from 3+1 years).

The duration for this fellowship will now be 5 +2 years (changed from 4 +1 years).

Career Re-entry Research Fellowship

Eligibility for this fellowship scheme will now be:

  • Successful post-doc returning after a one year (or more) career break (previously two years)
  • Duration will now be 4 +1  years (changed from 3 +1 years).

Dr Nicola Mutch talks about the importance of flexible fellowships.

Clinical Fellowships

We are still discussing the form our Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowship should take in light of the shape of training review and the need to be as flexible as possible to encourage the retention of clinical academics in cardiology. We are considering introducing a fellowship with a duration of 4 years +3.  

We welcome comments about these changes. Let us know what you think here.Take a look at our new Research Strategy