February 2015 - New Grants

Lab gear

We've spent over £13m on new grants since the last newsletter. 

Dr Eva Rog Zielinska has been awarded an Immediate Postdoctoral Fellowship Award to scrutinise the ultrastructure of cardiac T tubules in health and disease. She will be based at Imperial College London and will travel to the University of Colorado as part of the award. 

Read on to find out more about the grants we've recently awarded.

Project Grants

Professor David Firmin et al.
Imperial College London
In vivo cardiac diffusion tensor MRI. Experimental validation and assessment of myocardial structure‚Äźfunction relationships in the normal and post-infarct remodelled heart
3 years

Dr Emma Yu et al.
University of Cambridge
Mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation and treatment in atherosclerosis        
3 years

Dr Xin Wang et al.
University of Manchester
Investigating a new endoplasmic reticulum-centred cardioprotection mechanism            
3 years

Dr Xin Wang et al.
University of Manchester
A novel mechanism of epigenetic regulation of potassium channels: Is class I histone deacetylation inhibition a new treatment option for ventricular arrhythmias?  
3 years

Professor Gianni D Angelini et al.  
University of Bristol
Cortisol profiles in the critically ill after cardiac surgery  
1 year  

Dr Andrew Snabaitis et al.
University of Kingston
Regulation of cardiac apoptosis and heart failure by the type 2A protein phosphatase regulatory protein alpha4              
3 years

Dr Richard Steeds et al.
University of Birmingham
A prospective observational study examining the role of myocardial fibrosis in outcome following mitral valve repair in degenerative mitral regurgitation            
3 years

Dr Miles D Witham et al.
University of Dundee
Vitamin K therapy to improve vascular health in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease – a randomised controlled trial    
2 years 9 months            

Professor Daniel F Cutler et al.
University College London
A novel high-throughput morphometrical analysis of blood outgrowth endothelial cells to determine the role of Weibel-Palade bodies in a variety of bleeding disorders
3 years

Dr Elijah Behr et al.
St George's, University of London
Exome sequencing to discover new causative genes for TAAD (Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection)            
2 years

Dr David Grieve et al.
Queen's University Belfast
Influence of NOX4 NADPH oxidase on outgrowth endothelial cell function and their ability to promote angiogenesis in tissue ischaemia        
3 years

Dr Antony Jackson et al.
University of Cambridge
The sodium channel β3-subunit, sodium channel clusters and cardiac arrhythmias          
3 years

Dr Ming Lei et al.
University of Oxford
Modulation of electrophysiology, Ca2+ handling and arrhythmic susceptibility in the atria in mice with cardiomyocyte-specific deletion of P21 activated kinase-1        
3 years

Professor Christiana Ruhrberg
University College London
Defining the role of neuropilin 1 (NRP1) in vascular permeability              
1 year  

Dr Mark Bond et al.
University of Bristol      
Harnessing the vascular protective effects of CREB: The SIK-CRTC-CREB pathway as a therapeutic targe
3 years

Professor Thomas Brand
Imperial College London
Modelling human heart disease in the zebrafish: functional analysis of the zebrafish Popeye domain containing genes in the heart            
3 years

Professor Federica Marelli-Berg et al.
Queen Mary, University of London        
Modulation of T cell function by proton channels: exploring a new route to ‘manageable’ immunosuppression
3 years

Professor Jian-Mei Li et al.
University of Surrey
Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of LMH001 (a novel Nox2 inhibitor) in angiotensin II-induced hypertension and vessel wall damage in mice        
3 years

Professor Helen M Arthur et al.
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Endothelial endoglin is required to maintain normal cardiac function in adult life              
3 years

Professor David A Lane et al.
Imperial College London
The spacer-CUB domain interaction and its importance in controlling the action of ADAMTS13 against VWF        
3 years

Dr Lan Zhao et al.
Imperial College London
Assessment of pulmonary vascular remodelling and right ventricular hypertrophy using Arg-Gly-Asp radioligand positron emission tomography  
3 years

Professor Steffen Petersen et al.
Queen Mary, University of London
Creation of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging reference standard for the UK Biobank imaging resource            
3 years

Dr Isabelle  Salles-Crawley et al.
Imperial College London
The role of endothelial BAMBI in haemostasis and thrombus stability    
2 years

Dr Thomas McKinnon et al.
Imperial College London
Characterising the interaction of Von Willebrand Factor with TREML-1 and its role in haemostasis and thrombosis            
2 years 5 months            

Dr Neena Kalia et al.
University of Birmingham
Imaging stem cell recruitment within the beating murine heart in vivo using fluorescent intravital microscopy    
1 year  

Dr Alfonso De Simone
Imperial College London
Understanding the calcium uptake in cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum: toward new routes to combat human dilated cardiomyopathy              
3 years

Professor Anthony H Gershlick et al.
University of Leicester
A project assessing the in-vivo properties of a prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor FG-2216-eluting stent on angiogenesis in an animal model    
1 year 6 months              

Dr Jeanette Woolard et al.
University of Nottingham
Quantitative evaluation of the cardiovascular effects of two allosteric enhancers of the adenosine A1-receptor that differentially alter efficacy and affinity  
3 years

Dr Robert Dineen et al.
University of Nottingham
MRI evaluation of effects of tranexamic acid in spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage: The TICH-2 MRI study
2 years 6 months            

Professor Keith G Oldroyd et al.
University of Glasgow
A prospective comparison of the diagnostic utility of invasive coronary physiological indices and quantitative perfusion MRI in patients with coronary heart disease and indeterminate (grey-zone) fractional flow reserve values    
2 years

Non-Clinical Fellowships

Senior Basic Science Research Fellowship                                                            

Dr YinBiao Sun
King's College London
In situ structural studies of the role of sarcomeric proteins in the regulation of heart muscle
5 years

Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship                                                                                          

Dr Rebecca Richardson
University of Bristol      
The role of inflammatory cell signalling during cardiac scar formation and regression in adult zebrafish    
4 years

Immediate PostDoctoral Basic Science Research Fellowship                                                                                      

Dr Eva Rog Zielinska
Imperial College London              
Cardiac T-tubular ultrastructural remodelling in health and disease          
3 years

PhD Studentships

Professor Michael  Symonds
University of Nottingham
Mr. Peter Aldiss - Obesity progression: its effects on epicardial adipose tissue and the therapeutic activation of beige adipocytes        
3 years

Dr Noel W Davies
University of Leicester
Miss Oluwamodupe Ayeni - Haem regulation of arterial smooth muscle potassium channels      
3 years

Professor Giovanni E Mann
King's College London
Mr. Keith Farrell-Dillon - Therapeutic potential of sulforaphane in protection against blood-brain barrier breakdown and inflammation in experimental stroke
3 years

Professor Paolo Madeddu
University of Bristol
Mr. Michele Carrabba - Perivascular delivery of bioengineered scaffold for treatment of limb ischaemia
3 years

Clinical Fellowships 

Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowship

Dr Neil Herring
University of Oxford      
The influence of Neuropeptide-Y on coronary perfusion and arrhythmogenicity              
4 years

Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Dr Richard Cubbon
University of Leeds
Dr Peysh Patel - Targeting Shc homology 2-containing inositol 5´ phosphatase 2 to enhance vascular repair          
3 years

Professor Leong Ng
University of Leicester
Dr Daniel Chan - A targeted and unbiased search for biomarkers of disease progression and adverse prognosis in asymptomatic moderate-severe aortic stenosis
3 years

Dr Vanessa Ferreira
University of Oxford
Dr Alexander Liu - Assessment of myocardial ischaemia and viability in coronary artery disease using novel cardiac magnetic resonance imaging T1-mapping techniques        
3 years

Dr Prapa Kanagaratnam
Imperial College London
Dr Vishal Luther - Determining the pathophysiological role of slow conduction channels identified by ripple mapping of the ventricular scar
3 years

Professor Michael S Marber
King's College London
Dr Thomas Kaier - Characterising novel, and discovering new, biomarkers of early myocardial injury
3 years