December 2015 - New grants

Gel electrophoresis to separate proteins

With this update we welcome our new BHF Professor Federica Marelli-Berg who researches cardiovascular immunology at Queen Mary University of London.

Read on to find out about other grants that have been recently awarded.

BHF Chair of Cardiovascular Immunology


Professor Federica Marelli Berg

Queen Mary, University of London

10 years 


Senior Basic Science Research Fellowship 


Professor Leanne Hodson 

University of Oxford

Heterogeneity in hepatic synthesis pathways may influence the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and atherogenic dyslipidaemia: studies in humans using in vivo and in vitro approaches 

5 years 


Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowships


Dr Andrew Sage 

University of Cambridge

Understanding the pathogenic role of B cells in atherosclerosis 

4 years 



Dr Alexandra Mazharian 

University of Birmingham

A novel mechanism controlling platelet production involving suppression of ERK1/2 by DUSP1/6 

4 years 



Dr Christopher Rhodes 

Imperial College London

Molecular phenotyping of pulmonary hypertension 

4 years 


Immediate PostDoctoral Basic Science Research Fellowships


Dr Robert Menzies 

University of Edinburgh

Druggable target discovery in hypertensive renal injury: vascular purinergic receptor X7 

3 years 



Dr Loes Rutten Jacobs 

University of Cambridge 

Identification of novel pathophysiological mechanisms in cerebral small vessel disease: an epidemiologic and genetic approach 

3 years 


Programme Grants 


Professor Peter Scambler

University College London 

Morphogenetic Signalling Pathways Affected in DiGeorge and Charge Syndromes: Their Role in Cardiovascular Development (renewal) 

5 years 



Professor Andrew Tinker

Queen Mary, University of London 

The role of the ATP-sensitive potassium channels in cardiovascular physiology and disease (renewal) 

5 years 



Professor Alastair Poole et al.

Bristol, University of 

Platelet secretion: Control mechanisms and role in thrombosis, cardiac damage and repair (renewal) 

5 years 



Professor Mark Hanson et al.

Southampton, University of 

Epigenetic Biomarkers and Determinants of Cardiovascular Risk in Children 

5 years 



Dr Sebastian Oltean et al.

Bristol, University of 

mRNA splicing control in diabetes: a novel therapeutic strategy for treatment of diabetic nephropathy 

3 years 



Professor Paolo Madeddu

Bristol, University of 

Longevity-associated BPIFB4 gene therapy for treatment of ischemic disease 

3 years 



Dr Andrew F James et al.

Bristol, University of 

Selective late sodium current blockers as antiarrhythmic drugs in atrial fibrillation 

3 years 



Dr Gregory Quinlan et al.

Imperial College London  

The disrupted hepcidin/ferroportin axis and proliferative responses in pulmonary arterial hypertension 

3 years 



Professor Steven Ley et al.

National Institute for Medical Research 

Regulation of atherosclerosis by TPL-2 kinase 3 years 



Dr Bill Chaudhry et al.

Newcastle upon Tyne University of 

Zebrafish to dissect the role of jnk1 in cardiac development 

3 years 



Dr Emmanuel Dupont et al.

Imperial College London  

An In silico model of action potential propagation, biologically validated in the HL1-6 myocyte cell line:  A framework for characterising myocardial re-entry and fibrillation in the human heart 

3 years 



Dr Ran Yan et al.

King's College London 

Development of novel 

18F-PET tracers for direct detection of myocardial oxidative stress in cardiovascular disease 

3 years 



Dr Martina E Daly et al.

Sheffield, University of Identification and characterisation of FLI1 and RUNX1 regulated determinants of platelet granule biogenesis and secretion 

3 years 



Dr Stephen Wheatcroft et al.

Leeds, University of

Increasing IGFBP1 levels as a strategy to promote therapeutic angiogenesis in diabetes 

3 years 



Professor Margaret MacLean et al.

Glasgow, University of 

Investigating oestrogen metabolism in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells 

2 years 



Dr Jacob George et al.

Dundee, University of

Vascular Effects of Smoking Usual cigarettes Versus electronIc cigaretteS(VESUVIUS) 

2 years 9 months 



Professor Nicholas Brindle et al.

Leicester, University of 

An angiopoietin-2-specific ligand-trap with potential to treat cardiovascular disease 

3 years 



Professor M-Saadeh Suleiman et al.

Bristol, University of 

Role of cyclic AMP/PKA/Epac signalling in cardioprotection 

2 years 



Professor Houman Ashrafian et al.

Oxford, University of 

Adenosine A2A receptors in myocardial fibrosis 

2 years 



Dr Maarten Koeners et al.

Bristol, University of 

Carotid body-renal interactions in renovascular hypertension 

3 years 



Dr Beata J Wojciak Stothard et al.

Imperial College London 

Role of endothelial clic4 in the regulation of pulmonary vascular remodelling in pulmonary hypertension 

2 years 



Professor Andrew Trafford et al.

Manchester, University of 

Investigating the role of Amphiphysin II (BIN1) in the control of cardiac t-tubule biogenesis and function 

3 years 



Dr Stefan Piechnik et al.

Oxford, University of

Analysis of diffuse fibrosis with T1 mapping in the CMR in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCMR) Study 

3 years 



Dr Thomas Nightingale et al.

Queen Mary, University of London 

An investigation into novel regulatory mechanisms for Von Willebrand factor secretion from endothelial cells 3 years 



Dr Stephen Wheatcroft et al.

Leeds, University of 

Examining the mechanisms underpinning protection from atherosclerosis in mice with increased endothelial cell insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor expression 

3 years 



Dr Luca Biasiolli et al.

Oxford, University of 

Clinical MRI of carotid atherosclerosis using T2 mapping: development and validation of novel methods for plaque lipid quantification 

3 years 



Dr Ashraf William Khir et al.

Brunel University London 

The determination of local arterial stiffness and left ventricular load: a new non-invasive technique for calculating PWV and wave intensity 

3 years 



Professor Ziad Mallat

Cambridge, University of 

Marginal zone B cells and the regulation of the pro-atherogenic T follicular helper response 

2 years 



Professor Andrea E Munsterberg

East Anglia, University of 

Signaling cross-talk regulating migration and fate choice in cardiac progenitor cells 

3 years 



Professor Gurtej K Dhoot et al.

Royal Veterinary College, University of London 

Mechanism of Sulf1/Sulf2 functionin cardiovascular development and myocardial repair 

3 years 



Professor Timothy Warner et al.

Queen Mary, University of London 

Control of thrombosis by endogenous pathways of platelet inhibition and relevance to anti-platelet therapy 

3 years 



Dr Krishnan Bhaskaran et al.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Impact of the media interest in side effects on the initiation and cessation of statins in the UK 

1 year 


Clinical Studies


Dr Vijay Kunadian et al 

The OLDer Patients Randomised Interventional Trial in Acute Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction:The OLD-RITA Trial

5 years 



Professor Keith Muir

Glasgow, University of 

Sixth Joint Stroke Association/BHF Clinical Study: Alteplase-Tenecteplase Trial Evaluation for Stroke Thrombolysis 

5 years 


Translational Grants


Professor Adrian Hobbs et al.

Lead optimisation of novel small molecule natriuretic peptide receptor (NPR)-C agonists for the treatment of myocardial infarction 2 years £396,422


Dr Geoffrey Moggridge et al.

A Novel Transcatheter Valve for Younger Patients with Aortic Stenosis 1.5 years £248,018

4 year PhD Studentships 


Professor Martin Bennett

University of Cambridge 

Cambridge 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Sarah Burgess; Ms Sophie McManus; Mr Joshua Hodgson; Ms Annabel Taylor 



Dr Matthew Bailey

University of Edinburgh 

Edinburgh 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Sarah Finnie; Ms Natalie Jones; Ms Charlott Repschlager; Ms Kathleen Scullion 



Professor Rhian Touyz

University of Glasgow 

Glasgow 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Aisling McFall; Ms Sarah McNeilly; Ms Alexandra Riddell; Ms Francesca Vidler 



Professor Sian Harding

Imperial College London 

Imperial 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Adela Constantinescu; Mr Jerome Fourre; Ms Alveera Hasan; Ms Viktoria Kalna 



Professor Metin Avkiran

King's College London

KCL 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Grace Anderson; Mr Sean Burnap; Ms Ailbhe O’Brien; Ms Ms Meredith Whitehead 



Dr Elizabeth Cartwright

University of Manchester 

Manchester 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship Scheme: Ms Lorenz Becker; Ms Elisavet Fotiou; Ms Miriam Lettieri; Ms Damilola Olubando 



Professor David Greaves

University of Oxford 

Oxford 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Kathryn Acheson; Mr Matthew Kerr; Mr Hamish Lemmey; Ms Irina Lupu 



Professor Timothy Warner

Queen Mary, University of London 

QMUL 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Lauren Callender; Ms Alice Hamilton; Ms Eithne Maguire; Mr Michael Preedy 



Professor Peter Scambler

University College London

UCL 3rd intake 2015 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Mr Daniel Aggio; Ms Rebecca Bolton; Ms Kirsty Naylor; Ms Kaloyan Takov 


PhD Studentships 


Professor Stephen P Watson

University of Birmingham

(Mr. Alex Hardy) 

The regulation and role of Syk phosphorylation by platelet glycoprotein receptors 

2 years 



Professor Asif Ahmed 

Aston University 

(Miss Athina Georgiadou)

An investigation of the impact of soluble Flt-1 and soluble endoglin-induced sensitisation of the endothelium to pro-inflammatory cytokines to promote preeclampsia 

3 years 



Professor Shamshad Cockcroft 

University College London

(Mr. Nicholas Blunsom) 

Regulation of the rate-limiting enzyme, CDP-diacylglycerol synthase (CDS) in mitochondrial biogenesis in cardiomyocytes 

3 years 



Dr Lingfang Zeng 

King's College London 

(Mr. Bijaya Shrestha) 

The role of the endothelial cell differentiation-related LAF4IR in vascular repair 

3 years 



Professor David Middleton 

Lancaster University 

(Miss Sophie Lau)

The structure-function relationship of enhanced cardioprotective apolipoprotein A-I mutants in high density lipoprotein nanoparticles 

3 years 



Professor Timothy Palmer 

University of Bradford

(Ms Ellanor Whiteley)

Prostanoid-mediated Inhibition of IL-6 Trans-Signalling in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension; a Role for Epac1-Mediated Induction of "Suppressor of Cytokine Signalling 3" (SOCS3) 

3 years 



Professor Ioakim Spyridopoulos 

University of Newcastle

(Mr. Emanuele Andreano)

Lymphocyte Activation and Transmigration Through the CX3CL1/CX3CR1 Axis During Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion 

3 years 


Clinical Research Training Fellowships


Dr Divaka Perera 

King's College London 

(Dr Bhavik Modi) 

Fractional flow reserve in serial and diffuse coronary artery disease 

3 years 



Mr. Prakash P Punjabi 

Imperial College London  

(Miss Amina Khalil) 

Characterisation of chamber-specific fibroblasts from adult human heart and investigation of their potential contribution to the function of engineered heart tissue 

2 years 



Dr Oliver Rider 

University of Oxford

(Dr Mark Peterzan) 

The role of myocardial ATP delivery rates in myocardial hypertrophy 

3 years 



Professor Stuart Cook 

Imperial College London 

(Dr Catherine Francis) 

Genetic determinants of aortic morphology and function 

2.5 years 



Professor Robert Storey 

University of Sheffield

(Dr Wael Sumaya) 

The fibrin network and clinical outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndrome: An additional therapeutic target? 

3 years