December 2014 - New Grants

Lab gear We’ve awarded six new Intermediate Fellowships since the last newsletter. These talented researchers have diverse interests from investigating iron deficiency in people with chronic heart failure to exploring redox signalling pathways in disease. 

Read on to find out more about the grants we've recently awarded.

Project Grants

Professor Sarah Jane George et al.
University of Bristol
Translational potential of N-cadherin peptide mimics for reducing intimal thickening 3 years

Prof Rustam Al Shahi Salman et al.
University of Edinburgh
PRIME-RESTART: Promoting Recruitment using Information Management Efficiently (PRIME) for randomised controlled trials of secondary prevention after stroke, piloted using the REstart or STop Antithrombotics Randomised Trial (RESTART)
2 years

Dr Philip E James et al.
Cardiff University
Extracellular vesicle transport in the circulation – a missing link between adipocytes and accelerated vascular dysfunction
3 years

Professor Philip Chowienczyk et al.
King's College London
Mechanisms leading to an impairment of vascular homeostasis during acute stress: interaction between sympathetic activity and neuronal nitric oxide synthase
3 years

Dr Susan Pyner
University of Durham
Molecular characterisation of atrial volume receptors in the atria of the rat heart
3 years

Professor Mark Kearney et al.
University of Leeds
Targeting Nox2 NADPH oxidase in insulin resistance related atherosclerosis and oxidative stress
3 years

Dr Caroline Dart et al.
University of Liverpool
Towards understanding cAMP signalling in the vasculature: spatio-temporal activation of PKA and Epac by physiological vasodilators
3 years

Professor James Scott et al.
Imperial College London
The role of perturbed nitric oxide signalling in disruption of the neurovascular unit of the blood brain barrier by environmental and genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease
3 years

Professor Iain A Greenwood et al.
St George's, University of London
Defining the role of phosphatidyl 4, 5 bisphosphate on arterial calcium-activated chloride channels
3 years

Professor Kim A Dora et al.
Oxford, University of
Investigation of endothelial cell signalling in freshly isolated tubes
3 years

Professor Chris Denning et al.
University of Nottingham
Deep molecular phenotyping of myotonic dystrophy (DM1) hiPSC-cardiomyocytes to facilitate risk stratification and drug evaluation
3 years

Professor Jeremy Henley et al.
University of Bristol
Protective mechanisms of protein SUMOylation in the heart
3 years

Professor Jules Hancox et al.
University of Bristol
New pathogenic mechanisms in the long QT syndrome: KCNE1 modulation of hERG
2 years 6 months

Professor Sussan Nourshargh et al.
Queen Mary, University of London
An investigation into the role of TNF in neutrophil-mediated microvascular plasma protein leakage
3 years

Dr Josefin Ahnstrom et al.
Imperial College London
Factor V as a synergistic cofactor together with protein S in the inhibition of FXa by TFPI
3 years

Professor Colin Berry et al.
University of Glasgow
First steps towards computed modelling of myocardial infarction (an MI Physiome): A case-control study of novel biomechanical parameters in acute MI survivors with left ventricular dysfunction
2 years

Professor Clive Orchard et al.
University of Bristol
Role of cardiac T-tubules in Ca regulation and arrhythmogenesis
3 years

Dr Martin Bishop et al.
King's College London
Investigating the mechanisms of low-voltage defibrillation and its application to the human ventricle to facilitate its translation into the clinic
2 years

Professor Sarah Jane George et al.
University of Bristol
Role of WISP-1 (CCN4) in aneurysms
3 years


Non-Clinical Fellowships

Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship

Dr Jemma Hopewell 
University of Oxford
Pharmacogenomic, genetic and trial-based studies of lipid-modifying therapies and vascular risk
4 years

Dr Mark Crabtree 
University of Oxford
Novel approaches to discover new NO-redox signalling targets in cardiovascular disease
4 years

Dr Olena Rudyk 
King's College London
Does redox state of PKG1α control hypoxic vasoconstriction and remodelling in the pulmonary vasculature?
4 years

Travel Fellowships

Dr Jonathan Moore
Bangor University
Mechanisms of sympathoexcitation in humans
6 months

4 year PhD Studentships

Professor Martin Bennett
University of Cambridge
Cambridge 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Jessica Beeson; Mr Ross Lindsay; Mr Cai Read; Ms Jessica Rees (4 years)
4 years

Dr Matthew Bailey
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Mr Benjamin Cathcart; Ms Marie-Louise Monaghan; Ms Bonnie Nicholson; Mr Richard Sulston (4 years)
4 years

Professor Rhian Touyz
University of Glasgow
Glasgow 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Stephanie Anderson; Mr Peter Bowman; Ms Sinead Griffin; Mr Quentin Lachaud (4 years)
 4 years

Professor Sian Harding
Imperial College London
Imperial 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Navneet Bhogal; Ms Ana Lima; Ms Laura Moody; Ms Sara Samari (4 years)
4 years

Professor Metin Avkiran
King's College London
KCL 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Joy Askew; Mr Marc Lynch; Ms Jennifer Mitchell; Ms Natalie Savage (4 years)
4 years

Dr Elizabeth Cartwright
University of Manchester
Manchester 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship Scheme: Mr Ben Clark; Ms Fatemah Jafarzadeh; Ms Kirsty Webb; Ms Violeta Trendafilova (4 years)
4 years

Professor David R Greaves
University of Oxford
Oxford 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Jade Bailey; Ms Maria Sousa Fialho; Ms Laurienne Gardner; Ms Matilde Stefanini (4 years)
4 years

Professor Timothy Warner
Queen Mary, University of London
QMUL 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Mr Matthew Dukinfield; Ms Olga Giannakopoulou; Ms Claire MacDougall; Ms Eleanor Ward (4 years)
4 years

Professor Peter Scambler
University College London
UCL 2nd intake 2014 4 Year PhD Studentship (3rd) Scheme: Ms Eseelle Hendow; Ms Samantha Lawes; Ms Ariadna Navarro Aragall; Ms Stasa Taferner (4 years)
4 years

PhD Studentships

Dr William Fuller
University of Dundee
Characterisation of the cardiac palmitoyl transferase DHHC5
3 years

Dr Samantha Pitt (Mr. Gavin Robertson)
University of St Andrews
Understanding new mechanisms of cardiac ryanodine receptor regulation by zinc
3 years

Dr Emmanuel Pinteaux (Miss Ivana Rajkovic)
University of Manchester
The role of the acute phase protein pentraxin-3 in vascular inflammation and angiogenesis after cerebrovascular disease  
3 years

Dr Paul Kemp (Mr. Henry Li)
Imperial College London 
MicroRNAs, GDF-15 and myostatin regulate skeletal muscle mass in chronic heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension
3 years

Professor Jennifer Potts
University of York
Structural analysis of SasC, a repetitive staphylococcal biofilm-forming protein implicated in antibiotic resistance
3 years

Dr Mathilda Mommersteeg (Miss Abigail Killen)
University of Oxford
Epicardial fat: a duplicitous role during heart regeneration?
3 years

Professor Sarah Jane George (Mr. Steven Simmonds)
University of Bristol
Regulation of foam cell formation, apoptosis and proliferation by Wnt signalling: implications for atherosclerosis
1 year, 9 months

Professor Morris J Brown (Ms Sumedha Garg)
University of Cambridge
Do somatic mutations of an L-type Ca++ channel in aldosterone-producing adenomas of the adrenal indicate a novel mechanism and target for regulating aldosterone production?
3 years

Clinical Fellowships

Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships

Dr Riyaz Patel 
University College London
Genetic and phenotypic risk factors for subsequent coronary heart disease events
4 years

Dr Darlington Okonko 
King's College London
Strategies for Optimal Iron Repletion in Chronic Heart Failure and the Mechanisms of Benefit
4 years

Dr Marc Dweck 
University of Edinburgh
Modification of calcification activity and 18F-Fluoride positron emission tomography uptake in cardiovascular disease
5 years

Infrastructure Grants

Professor Peter Scambler et al.
University College London
Funding towards a multiphoton confocal microscope
1 year

Professor Manuel Mayr et al.
King's College London
Funding towards equipment for the Cardiovascular Proteomics Facility
1 year

New Horizons Grants

Dr Jonathan Taylor et al.
University of Glasgow
Development and optimisation of synchronised 3D in-vivo imaging of the embryonic and juvenile zebrafish heart
3 years

Special Projects

Professor Jane Armitage et al.
University of Oxford
ASCEND: A Study of Cardiovascular Events in Diabetes
4 years


Professor Russell Jago et al. University of Bristol The influence of families and friends on change in physical activity, sedentary behaviour and screen-viewing from Years 1 to 6 in the B-PROACT1V cohort: Finding new ways to change behaviour 4 years, 6 months £538,547

Professor Brian Davidson
University College London
UKCRC Joint Funders Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (Joint funding with MRC)
3 years

Professor James Wild
University of Sheffield
POLARIS: Pulmonary, Lung and Respiratory Imaging Sheffield (Joint funding with MRC)
1 year

Professor Sven Plein
University of Leeds
Translational Hyperpolarised Magnetic Resonance (Joint funding with MRC)
1 year

Professor Philip Chowienczyk
King's College London, St Thomas' Hospital
Ancestry and biological Informative Markers for stratification of HYpertension: The AIM HY study (Joint funding with MRC)
5 years

Programme Grants

Professor Panos Deloukas et al.
Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Genomics of Coronary Artery Disease
4 years, 6 months

Professor Qingbo Xu et al.
King's College London Vascular Resident Stem Cells in Arteriosclerosis (renewal)
5 years

Clinical Study Grants

Professor Philip Bath et al.
Nottingham, University of
Rapid Intervention with Glyceryl trinitrate in Hypertensive stroke Trial-2 (RIGHT-2): Assessment of safety and efficacy of transdermal glyceryl trinitrate, a nitric oxide donor, and of the feasibility of a multicentre ambulance-based stroke trial.  
3 years