August 2015 - New grants

Lab gear

Since the last newsletter, we have a new Cardiff based Senior Basic Science Research Fellow, Dr Spryos Zissimopoulos. 

He studies the ryanodine receptor - the large channel that releases calcium inside heart muscle cells - asking if the channel’s structure is altered in heart disease and if drugs can be used to return it to normal.

See who else has a new grant. 


Senior Basic Science Research Fellowship

Dr Spyros Zissimopoulos
Cardiff University
Drug-induced stabilisation of RyR2 to improve calcium handling and cardiac function in arrhythmogenic cardiac disease
5 years

Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship

Dr Elizabeth Cottrell
University of Manchester
Dietary constituents as pregnancy therapeutics: can dietary nitrate improve vascular function and growth in fetal growth restriction?
4 years

Dr Hiten Mistry 
University of Nottingham
A new approach to an old problem: The roles of aldosterone and salt in normal pregnancy and pre-eclampsia
4 years

Dr Daniel Stuckey 
University College London
Image guided cardiac regeneration: Visible biomaterials functionalised to enhance stem cell-mediated repair and improve cardiac function
4 years

Dr Peter Scarborough
University of Oxford
Predicting cardiovascular disease rates in England using novel mathematical models
4 years

Non-Clinical PhD Studentships

Dr Simon Calaminus 
University of Hull
Mr. Lloyd Atkinson - Platelet cAMPsignaling controls thrombosis through enhanced embolisation
3 years

Professor Robert A S Ariens
University of Leeds
Mr. Nathan Asquith - Role of extended knob-hole interaction sites in fibrin polymerisation and clot stability
3 years

Dr Helle F Jorgensen
University of Cambridge
Miss Jennifer Harman - Functional analysis of H3K9-methylation on gene regulation and phenotypic switching in vascular smooth muscle cells
3 years

Dr Pia Ostergaard
St George's, University of London
Miss Elisavet Fotiou - Functional studies on the EphB4 signalling pathway in patients with generalised lymphatic dysplasia
3 years

Dr Ramzi Ajjan
University of Leeds
Miss Katherine Kearney - Artificial binding proteins for the targeted modulation of fibrin-related thrombosis risk
3 years

Professor Andrea E Munsterberg 
University of East Anglia
Investigating a microRNA-Ets1 network during endocardial cushion development
3 years

Dr Alan Stewart 
University of St Andrews
Characterisation of zinc-dependent heparin neutralisation by fibrinogen and histidine-rich glycoprotein
3 years

Professor Peter Shaw 
University of Nottingham
Mr. Tom Halliwell - Linking STAT3 redox control to oxidative stress-responsive gene regulation, cell survival and ischaemic preconditioning
3 years

Dr Anthony Albert 
St George's, University of London 
Miss Kazi Jahan - Role of the PIP2-binding protein MARCKS on voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and vascular contractility
3 years

Professor Valerie O'Donnell
Cardiff University
Mr. Christopher Brasher - Defining the platelet lipidome in cardiovascular disease in humans and mice
3 years

Dr Francisco Rivero 
University of Hull
Coronin is a negative regulator of platelet spreading and thrombus formation
3 years

Professor Catherine M Shanahan 
King's College London 
Ms Sofia Tsakali - A role for mechano-signalling in vascular calcification
3 years

Dr Neil Turner 
University of Leeds
Miss Nicola Blythe - Investigating the role of the mechanosensitive cation channel Piezo1 in the regulation of cardiac fibroblast function
3 years

Clinical Fellowships

Intermediate Clinical Research Fellowships

Mr. Nigel Drury 
University of Birmingham
Remote Ischaemic Preconditioning for myocardial protection in young children undergoing heart surgery: a double-blind, randomised controlled trial in normoxic and hypoxic patients
4 years

Clinical Research Training Fellowship

Dr Rachel Myles 
University of Glasgow
Dr Cherry Alexander - The role of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium in the generation of early after-depolarisations and ventricular arrhythmias in the long QT syndrome
3 years

Professor Federica Marelli Berg 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Dr Lucia Grosso Di Palma - Novel molecular targets for the diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis
3 years

Professor Simon Redwood
King's College London
Dr Jubin Joseph - Investigating the haemodynamic and physiological principles underlying exercise induced angina, and glyceryl trinitrates anti-anginal effect, using invasive coronary and ventricular measures of coronary flow and cardiac work
3 years

Dr Zachary Whinnett
Imperial College London 
Dr Daniel Keene - Investigation of the physiological mechanisms through which Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) impairs cardiac function and exploration of potential clinical applicable therapy to improve cardiac output during VT
3 years

Professor Colin Berry 
University of Glasgow
Dr Kenneth Mangion - Myocardial strain measurements in survivors of acute ST elevation myocardial infarction: implementation and prognostic significance of novel magnetic resonance imaging methods
2 years

Professor Serena Counsell 
King's College London 
Dr Christopher Kelly - The relation of cerebral oxygen delivery to brain dysmaturation and damage in infants with congenital heart disease
3 years

Clinical PhD Studentships

Professor Cesare M N Terracciano
Imperial College London
Mr. Samuel Watson - Training strategies for the development and maintenance of mature structural and electromechanical properties of cardiac muscle patches in vitro 
3 years 

Project Grants

Dr Gillian Douglas et al.
University of Oxford
The Role of Abcg1 in Atherosclerotic Plaque Regression
1 year

Professor Keith Channon et al.
University of Oxford
Effects of KIAA1462, a new causal CAD gene, in atherosclerosis
3 years

Dr Prapa Kanagaratnam et al.
Imperial College London
Ablation versus anti-arrhythmic therapy for reducing all hospital episodes from recurrent atrial fibrillation
2 years 6 months

Dr Kenton Arkill et al.
University of Nottingham
Novel nanosensors for real time determination of shear stress experienced by the endothelial surface layer – development, validation, and use in growing vasculature
1 year 6 months

Prof Catherine M Shanahan et al.
King's College London
Novel role for poly(ADP)ribose in vascular calcification
3 years

Dr Wei Li et al.
University of Cambridge
Development of non-osteogenic variants of bone morphogenetic protein 9 as novel therapies for pulmonary arterial hypertension
2 years

Dr Giordano Pula et al.
University of Bath
Characterisation of the role of NADPH oxidase 1 in collagen-dependent activation of platelets: a potential target for the development of novel antithrombotics?
3 years

Professor Angela Clerk
University of Reading
Regulation of the Germinal Centre Kinase (GCK) MST3 by STRiatin-Interacting Phosphatase And Kinase (STRIPAK) complexes
1 year 6 months

Dr William Fuller et al.
University of Dundee
Cavins: mobile regulators of β-adrenoceptor signalling in the cardiac cell
3 years

Professor Sarah Jane George et al.
University of Bristol
Wnt protein activation by periodontal bacteria: implications for atherosclerosis
3 years

Professor Michael L J Ashford et al.
University of Dundee 
BACE1 and endothelial dysfunction in diabetes
3 years

Dr James P Fisher et al.
University of Birmingham
Cerebral vasomotor regulation in atrial fibrillation
2 years

Professor Deborah Henderson et al.
University of Newcastle upon Tyne 
Lineage relationships in aortic valve development
3 years

Professor Timothy Warner et al.
Queen Mary, University of London
Platelet response phenotyping to improve anti-thrombotic therapy
3 years

Professor Chris Peers et al.
University of Leeds
Regulation of Cav3.1 T-type calcium channels by heme oxygenase-1 derived carbon monoxide: a novel target signalling pathway for the treatment of vascular diseases
3 years

Professor Rob Krams et al.
Imperial College London
Disturbed shear stress and strain act synergistically to promote the pro-atherogenic endothelial cell phenotype responsible for TCFA
3 years

Dr Mathilda Mommersteeg et al.
University of Oxford
Exploring the role of Slit-Robo signalling in cardiac innervation
3 years

Dr Nicholas Mills et al.
University of Edinburgh
High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin On Presentation to Rule Out Myocardial Infarction (HiSTORIC)
3 years

Dr Sean Davidson et al.
University College London
Novel means of cardioprotection by exploiting pathways activated by Stromal Derived Factor-1α
3 years

Programme Grants 

Professor Alan Williams et al.
Cardiff University
Predicting anti-arrhythmic drug efficacy from the divergent molecular basis of RyR2 dysfunction in genetic arrhythmia syndromes (renewal)
5 years

Professor Mark Kearney et al.
University of Leeds 
Manipulating insulin like growth factor-1 and hybrid receptor expression as a therapeutic strategy to control insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular repair (renewal)
5 years

Professor Mathias Gautel et al.
King's College London
A comprehensive approach to the genetic, molecular and functional impact of rare titin variants in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
5 years

Professor Richard Vaughan-Jones et al.
University of Oxford 
H+ ion control and signalling in cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure (renewal)
5 years

Professor David Greaves et al.
University of Oxford 
Recruitment, Proliferation and Differentiation of Monocyte/ Macrophages in Cardiovascular Inflammation and Repair (renewal)
5 years 

Professor Ziad Mallat
University of Cambridge
Defining the role(s) of selective subsets of antigen presenting cells in promoting or preventing atherosclerosis (renewal) 
5 years 

Professor Bernard Keavney et al.
University of Manchester
Investigation of genetic mechanisms underlying susceptibility to complex congenital and arrhythmic cardiovascular disease (renewal) 
5 years 

Professor Yotis Senis et al.
University of Birmingham
Regulation of platelet homeostasis and thrombosis by the kinase-phosphatase pair Csk-CD148 
5 years 

Special Projects

Dr Geoffrey Moggridge et al.
University of Cambridge,
A Polymeric Prosthetic Heart Valve from anisotropic nanocomposites – device optimisation and in vivo testing
4 years

Dr Mark Hamer et al.
Loughborough University 
Objective assessment of free-living physical activity and sedentary in the 1970 British Cohort Study (BCS70) 
3 years

Professor Richard Farndale et al.
University of Cambridge
Integrated collagen patches for cardiac repair:Engineering vascularised cardiac tissue from microporous collagen scaffolds, cell attachment peptides and human embryonic stem cells
4 years 

Dr Mark  Miller et al.
University of Edinburgh, 
Eicosanoids as Mediators of Nanoparticle-Induced Cardiovascular Disease 
3 years 

Professor Chris Denning et al.
University of Nottingham
Coupling gene targeted reporters with fully automated compound library screening to mature hPSC-cardiomyocytes 
4 years 

Clinical Studies   

Dr Zachary Whinnett et al.
Imperial College London 
AV optimisation delivered with direct His bundle pacing, in patients with heart failure, long PR without left bundle branch block: randomised multi-centre clinical outcome studyThe His Optimised Pacing Evaluated for Heart Failure Trial (HOPE-HF) 
3 years, 9 months 

Professor Caroline Fall et al.
University of Southampton
Childhood and young adult predictors of myocardial structure and function at age 45 years in the New Delhi and Vellore Birth Cohorts, India 
3 years 

Professor Joanna Wardlaw et al.
University of Edinburgh 
LACunar Intervention (LACI) Trial: Assessment of safety and efficacy of cilostazol and isosorbide mononitrate to prevent recurrent lacunar stroke and progression of cerebral small vessel disease 
3 years 

Professor Alun Hughes et al.
University College London
Study of Emerging Adulthood and Cardiometabolic Health in ALSPAC: the iNfluence of Growth and other Exposures (SEA CHANGE) 
4 years, 10 months 

Translational Grants

Professor Michael S Marber et al.
Comparing the Diagnostic and Prognostic Performance of Myosin Binding Protein C to Troponin I and Troponin T in Patients Presenting with Chest Pain 

Dr James Leiper et al.
Medical Research Council 
Translation of a novel compound that improves outcomes in sepsis into humans 
6 months 

Strategic Initiatives

Professor Paul Riley
University of Oxford 
Funding towards a new Oxford Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine (Joint fundraising appeal with Oxford University) 

Infrastructure Grants  

Professor Andrew Trafford et al
University of Manchester
Funding towards a Nikon N-Storm Super-Resolution microscope
1 year

Professor Stefan Neubauer et al.
University of Oxford
Funding towards a new 3T MR system and installation costs 
1 year 

New Horizons Grant

Professor Mark Peters et al.
University College London (ICH)
Development of a system to characterize and provide feedback on closed chest compressions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation on paediatric wards 
2 years, 6 months 

Extraordinary Grants 

Concordat Strategy Group
CRAC Limited 
Funding towards stakeholder activities to assess progress of the UK “Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers" 
3 years