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Support programmes for young patients

We organise exciting events and activities for young people with heart or circulatory conditions so they can share experiences and support each other. 

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We offer two youth support programmes that bring together young heart patients to learn new skills, grow in confidence and enjoy themselves.

What are the programmes about?

Teen Heart (13–18 years old)

Teen Heart supports any 13–18-year-old with a congenital heart condition. Young heart patients can spend time with other young people who have heart conditions at brilliant events, to share experiences and grow in confidence.

We hold a variety of activities such as escape rooms, cooking lessons, digital workshops and more.

Young heart patients have the opportunity to be involved in creating new resources to help other young patients. Recently a group produced a film about transitioning to adult care.

It was a year ago I started going to BHF events. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s possible to meet nicer people, it’s all so welcoming and it’s the best group I’ve ever joined!
Ebony, 14

One Beat (18–30 years old)

One Beat supports 18–30-year-olds living with the unique challenges that come with a congenital heart condition. The programme equips patients with essential skills to help them take the next step into adulthood. This includes workshops on managing money, public speaking and careers.

What are the benefits?

  • Gives patients the opportunity to meet other young people like them, to share their experiences and reduce isolation.
  • Increases their confidence. Helps them gain essential skills to take their next step in life.
  • The opportunity to try new experiences and travel to new places.

How much does it cost? 

All our events and activities are completely free and we will cover all reasonable UK travel costs.

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